March 17, 2023

Dean Zelinsky Guitars

Dean Zelinsky Guitars

Dean Zelinsky Guitars. High quality. Top shelf. Pricey, but sometimes you just want cake. There are some breathtaking beauties in his store and that he can configure for you.  You can order a guitar above your ability if you have the funds. (That's what I did). The guitar will be an heirloom if you want to leave to someone you love. Now that I am a guitar tech  and have a better understanding of what is what, I see from a different set of eyes than I had as a player only.

He has a signature neck design that reminiscent of a billiard cue called a Z-Glide. Folks that have been playing for a while usually balk at it but its ok. If you perspire a lot during a performance, it might be a game changer for you. He also can engrave it there for you, as I have, making it functional artwork.

When I have my guitar and bass convention next year, ( I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

Zelinksky has been in the music business a long time, and is sometimes a one man band, with a popular product so, if you get a guitar, order a side of patience with it.

Don't rush a cake, let it bake.

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