April 30, 2021

How Many Sites Can You Have?

How Many Sites Can You Have?

When I started, the cool kids were into bulletin boards.  Then AOL 1.0 became a thing.  Most people thought if you had American Online’s email account you were set.  Then we were lured into MySpace.  I had this idea to write a book about gun control and a friend of mine hired a PhD to create a website for me.  It was big time back then.  


My website was amazing.  It had flash and music.  It took about thirty seconds to load the home page which was a color photo I used for the cover of my book, Black Man With A Gun, (the first edition), taken by a famous photographer I found my accident.  If you had speakers on your computer (sold separately) you heard James Browns “Super Bad.”  At the time, most corporations didn’t even have websites.  I was “ballin”,   while the world was afraid of Y2K shutting the planet down.


Hit the fast forward button for a minute and I look back and see that I have been online for a minute but have somehow missed the gold rush.  I wasn’t able to quit my 9-5, get a four hour work week, buy a home in Puerto Rico, or build a school in Africa.  (Inside baseball jokes) 


Here I am now.  On this amazing platform featuring not just one but all of my podcast like I was Ted Turner in the 80s.  


I am a hope dealer.  I believe and live in a hopeful place.  To answer my own question, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you have found me and that together let’s walk together, laugh together and learn from one another. 


True happiness doesn’t come from prosperity, pleasure or power but from peace.