Aug. 10, 2021

Indian Motorcycle Radio YouTube Page

Indian Motorcycle Radio YouTube Page

The best part of doing anything is doing it with friends.

This is our new YouTube channel for the Indian Motorcycle Podcast. It is hosted and produced by fellow motorcycle enthusiast, Indian Motorcycle owner, podcaster and pop culture expert, Rick Gordon.

I get a little help from my friends…. -Joe Cocker

Rick and I met online as many of us do these days but the uncanny thing about us is that we are probably loosely distantly related. This assumption is based on where I was conceived and how the African American diaspora is. And if it is not by blood then it is surely by likes, loves, thoughts, similar paths taken in life.

The dude is cool and I was so glad when he wanted to do this. If you want to go faster go alone. If you want to go further go with a friend.

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