May 21, 2022

Podcast production and editing services

Podcast production and editing services

If you are thinking of creating a podcast, I can give you 15 years of podcast experience and help you skip to the head of the line. With me you don’t have make the same mistakes that everyone else does. I can  save You money and even give you my truth to see if your idea will survive.  You're not just getting an editor, you are gaining a member of your team.



Professional Podcast Editing 

  •   2 Business Day Turnaround
  •   Mix in Intro & Outro
  •   Mix in Commercials
  •   Compression, Noise Reduction, Voice Equalization
  •   Mix to MP3 & Add ID3 Tags
  •   Add Album Art, Title and SEO Tags
  •   Publish to media host, and/or Dropbox


I have produced over 25 podcasts.  Abreast of the latest trends and best practices.  Speaker, (and EmCee) at Podfest, DC Podfest, and Podcast Movement.