June 4, 2021

Having Meaning in Your Life

Having Meaning in Your Life

While You Are Waiting episode 1

You did not make a mistake.  This is the right podcast.  Welcome to “While You Are Waiting.”

Formerly known as If I Died Tonight from the BlanchardNetwork.com


The podcast created my Rev Kenn Blanchard to encourage you, motivate you, and inspire you to live your best life. 


This podcast was created to give you hope.  This podcast was created to share some information that is missing from the barrage of negatives we get hit with everyday.  


Be your own damn superhero 


All my comic book, pop culture and action figure loving friends know the backstory to so many heroes.  I submit to you to consider taking a look at your own life and leveling up.  Follow me for weekly inspiration to help you do just that.  DM if interested. 


The month of June, I’ll be talking about goal setting and finding YOUR purpose of the kennspodcast.com 


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