April 6, 2020

634 - Gun Owners, How Does It Feel To Be Right?

634 - Gun Owners, How Does It Feel To Be Right?

Now what are you going to do? episode 634

2A, patriots, gun owners and activist.  Wasssup?. Just a quick shout out to my friends that got it going on.  You were right.  You bought your arms and ammo before the government shut it down.  Before the price gouging.  Before the toilet paper flew off the shelves.  How does it feel now to be right?  Now what do you do.


Be vigilant that is what.  You can’t eat ammo but make sure you have adequate stores of basics so that you can make meals too.  Be operationally aware so you don’t tell folks what you have online (anymore than you already have). Some of us have shared too much.  You know who you are.  Be smarter.  


Take the time to explain to your family the next steps.  They may listen now.  


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The past three weeks shows have been blessed with Colion Noir, Lt. Col Dave Grossman and Nic Thompson.   You know how I roll.  Thanks for staying with a brother.  


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