Sept. 25, 2020

Can I Be A Democrat / Liberal, and be Pro-Gun?

Can I Be A Democrat / Liberal, and be Pro-Gun?

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Welcome all gun owners regardless of political party.  Some people forget that all of us care about our families and personal safety.  If you are a new gun owner and identify as NOT being a republican or conservative, please understand that you as a gun owner will be demonized, vilified, and marginalized for your purchase, ownership and use of a firearm.  Know that you can be a gun owner and not be a Conservative.  I support you.  

Just know that there are not that many pro-gun and LOUD supporting organizations although they do exist.  

Please prepare to fight for your right as a liberal gun owner in your party, home, neighborhood because it matters.



The System Has Failed People of All Races—I Know From Experience


Things to think about if you are a new gun owner or a firearms instructor.

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