April 16, 2021

Don’t Be Stupid - Episode 670

Don’t Be Stupid - Episode 670

15 minutes of truth. Don't believe me, listen.

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Unless you have been asleep, the world is a little crazy.  There have been shootings and killings all over the US and the gun control people are happy. 

What we can do now is not be stupid.  You don’t have to respond to inquires, news reporters, or speak out of school just to keep your face, name, or media presence going.  It is too easy to slip, fall, and mess up your face.  

And then others in the community will eat you because many are like that.  What you can do now, is train, yourself and your groups. 

Take care of what you have been blessed with.  This too will come again.  You aren’t missing anything. 

The truth about Gun Control.


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