Jan. 12, 2008

Episode - 52 Introducing the Minister of Defense

Episode - 52  Introducing the Minister of Defense

The Minister of Defense

I think is time to change things on the pro-gun side.  I think we should go on the offensive.  Stop taking all the crap we do and be about some business. (while that is not good grammar, it is motivating talk)  I am looking for some like-minded patriots to help me go on the offensive by first tackling the gun buy back programs.  Let's get a plan.  This show also introduces a new identity for me.  I am morphing away from the BlackManWithAGun into The Minister of Defense.

This episode is less than 20 minutes long.  I ask folks to stop "Preaching to the Choir" and advertise for a few of our friends.

www.ayoob.com- Lethal Force Institute's Masaad Ayoob
www.zzagency.com - Suzzanne Mac, Private Investigation Firm
www.ICETraining.us - Rob Pincus, Combat Focus Shooting

One of the instrumentals in the background was done by my nephew, Kevin aka the Revolutionary Nam