May 14, 2016

474 - They Hate Us, Don't They?

Kenn talks about his observations over the past 25 years in the gun community with an introduction to a new website, Gunslingo.com and MJ Woodland talks about scopes. The Armed Citizen stories has links to the original stories on the page. thanks for...

May 08, 2016

473 - Happy Mothers Day

This week on the Black Man With A Gun Show I’d like to wish all mothers in my circles a Happy Mothers Day.  You would think with a title like that I would talk about women and guns but all I have is gratitude and love for the many mothers I...

April 30, 2016

472 - People Fear What They Don't Understand

This week I am exhausted but for a great reason.  I worked a lot of hours and in the midst of it was part of a documentary that will air on PBS/ WETA sometime near May 9-10, 2016 about "Faith & Guns."  Will share a little about that on...

April 24, 2016

471 - Where there is Unity

Where there is unity there is always victory. This week I had a few computer mishaps so the show is a few days late.  This is what we have though for you this week.  Mj Woodland talks about children and guns.  I have a joke from my...

April 16, 2016

470 - New and Free Stuff For You

This week on episode 470 of the Black Man With A Gun Show    3 Armed citizen stories   Get the New Black Man With A Gun App - It’s 100% free...

April 09, 2016

469 - Colion Noir Rewind

This week the world beat me down.  Is it spring time yet. Podcast rewind with an interview with Mr. Colion Noir for NOIR and NRA News. Sneak peak at a project Kenn is working with. MJ Woodland on Competition   MarylandShallIssue.org

April 01, 2016

468 - Life without left handed people wouldn’t be right

Shooting left handed or with your non-dominant hand, with Rick Ector, calling your shots with MJ Woodland, and introducing a blade master, Clarence Jackson.   http://blackmanwithagun.com/amazing/bladesmith-clarence-smith Rob Morse has a new...

March 25, 2016

467 - Super religious evangelistic Christian Gun owner episode

Kenn responds to a email asking about reconciling gun ownership and being a Christian. Kenn goes overboard and talks about Christianity, Easter and how it all ties together.  Michael J. Woodland talks about the SIRT pistol for training. ...

March 18, 2016

466 - Anticipating Recoil in Shooting and In Life

This week we are celebrating St. Patricks Day and life with a podcast rewind from somethings I recorded back in 2012.  I mix it in with some info from MJ Woodland, Armed Citizens News stories, and crazy stuff like the origins of St. Patricks Day,...

March 11, 2016

465 - Remembering Otis McDonald and Campaign Promises

Who would have known that becoming a gun owner would pull you into the ugly world of politics?  Like it or not, you are a part of the conversation.  They are talking about you.  Mark James gives some answers to the questions and lies we...

March 04, 2016

464 - Reloading and Modifying Your Gun

Seeking Not To Incite But To Inspire Michael woodland tip talks about making modifications to your firearms and I expand upon it ten fold with some educated verbiage from the armed citizens defense league. and I am thinking about getting into...

February 26, 2016

463 - Is Concealed Carry Enough

Posing a few questions to you this week about concealed carry.  Is being able to carry a concealed firearm for self defense enough? I want to share a little American history and talk about open carry in 1967 as it applied to the Black Panther...

February 19, 2016

462 - Why Your Mama Hates Guns

Conversation with Detroits’ Rick Ector, NRA Training Counselor, Firearm instructor, rights activist. Why your mama does’t like your guns. MJ Talks about gun cleaning and has some friends he wants you to visit  Welcoming the newbies...

February 12, 2016

461 -Talking About Defensive Gun Use

with Rob Morse, MJ Woodland - Kenn Blanchard

February 07, 2016


In episode 460 of the Black Man With A Gun Show, I share some thoughts and ask the question about Black History Month. I only do that after sharing the back story to how we got it, through Carter G. Woodson, history and shared the story of a black...

February 05, 2016

Special Message

Interim From Kenn Blanchard

January 29, 2016

459 - The Differences Between Right, Wrong, Killing and Murder

Gun Rights | Armed Citizens |Training | Insight

January 22, 2016

458 - It was all about the Second Amendment

It was all about 2AO.org   I just got back from the 2016 SHOT show in Las Vegas.  Most of the time was in preparation for a presentation trying to get the industry to fund a new second amendment advocacy group called 2AO.org.  I met a...

January 15, 2016

457 - Willful Ignorance

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” ― Benjamin Franklin Talking about gun rights, the willful ignorance of too many people, MJ Woodland talks about shooting fast, Thanking you for supporting me and...

January 08, 2016

456 - The US Constitution, Common Sense, and Carrying a Gun

Happy New Year!   This is the first episode of 2016 ( i took a break and contemplated life) and I’ll take you back to how I got started on this journey as the Black Man With A Gun.  I share a little about the US Constitution and gun...

December 20, 2015

455 - Are You Thinking About Buying a Shotgun

Here’s some background on Short Barreled Shotguns, National Firearms Act of 1934, the gun control reasons for it all, the St. Valentines Day Massacre in Chicago, 2015 year in review, MJ Woodland talks about open vs concealed carry. Have Yourself...

December 10, 2015

454 - Don't Sleep On This Attack On Your Rights

Don’t Let The Devil Ride   The title of this weeks episode is a reminder not to fall for the feel good talk, blogs, politics, policies, money, media, public opinion, and propaganda that will lead to “Domestic...

December 04, 2015

453 - Native Americans and Gun Control Part 1

I love Native American history, and lore.  We don’t talk about it enough.  I ramble through some history and findings in this episode of the Black Man With A Gun Podcast There is a lot going on in the world and I ask you to stand fast...

November 26, 2015

452 - Understanding the Mind

This week on the Black Man With A Gun Show podcast, talking about Jeff Coopers’  Color Codes.  Dr. David Zehrung gives me some information about depression, SAD and more for the gun community.  MJ Woodland shares tips and ask...