November 30, 2018

You Me and Police Shootings - The Truth

episode 593

November 24, 2018

Safe and Secure in 2019

Episode 592

November 16, 2018

In Memory of Jemel Roberson

Black Man With A Gun 591

November 05, 2018

Where Do We Go From Here?

13th Podcast Anniversary

October 29, 2018

What Does a Pro-Gun Person Say After All of This?

Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast 588

October 20, 2018

Have You Thought About Sharpening Your Saw?

Preparedness for war is the best guarantee of peace.

October 14, 2018

What Was The First Firearm You Purchased?

Are Gun Politics A Scam? episode 586

October 05, 2018

Don’t Be Fooled By The Red Flag

Episode 585 of the Black Man With A Gun Show

September 27, 2018

Death Makes You Think About Life

Safe and Responsible Gun Owners Podcast

September 17, 2018

What Hurricane Florence Taught Us

The importance of first aid training

September 09, 2018

Preparing for Trouble and Remembering 9/11

Responsible and Safe Gun Podcast

August 31, 2018

Keeping Your Back Hole Out of Jail

Legal information for the Good Guys

August 25, 2018

Back To School

Guns Like Us

August 18, 2018

Five Things You Need To Know About EDC

Concealed Carry Information

August 11, 2018

5 Things you should know about shotguns

The Responsible Gun Owners Podcast

August 02, 2018

3D Gun Printing is BS

The Responsible Gun Owners Podcast

June 22, 2018

574 - Celebrating Juneteenth and Dick Heller

Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast

June 18, 2018

573 - What Is Use of Force to Law Enforcement

Use of Force Continuum and JM4 Tactical interview

June 10, 2018

572 - What is freedom to you?


June 03, 2018

571 - Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

Gun Business, Accounting and Taxes and Women Defense Network

May 29, 2018

570 - You Need This Air Gun In Your Life

Kenn Blanchard is the Black Man With A Gun