May 12, 2017

522 - Mental Floss, Principles of Defense, And Eulogy

The Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast

May 06, 2017

521 - What Is Cool

Black Man With A Gun - The Griot

April 28, 2017

520 - The Return of the Urban Shooter

blackmanwithagun.com http://kennblanchard.com/how-great-could-you-be

April 21, 2017

519 - The Black Man Who Invented A Gun

Black Man With A Gun Show

April 07, 2017

517 - Gun Control and Mental Illness

Black Man With A Gun Show

March 30, 2017

516 - Origin of Gun Control in the City

Origin of gun control in the city started against Black peoples, Irish and Italian immigrants. About lynching, the mafia, and the National Firearms Act, Prohibition Era, conversation with Tony Simon, Michael J. Woodland on the American...

March 24, 2017

515 - The Sullivan Law

Gun control in America is and always been about controlling a group of people.  We are a nation of indigenous people, immigrants, refugees, and emancipated slaves.  Who is persecuted changes every generation.  This week, I want to share...

March 17, 2017

514 - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast

March 11, 2017

513 - Unspoken Words

Our history segment introduces you to Cathay Williams, first African American female Buffalo soldier.  in our products review, David Love of Rack-It.org, and I rant about power, and how we forget we have it and can/ should make a difference....

March 03, 2017

512 - He Was A Very Big Black Man

This week on the Black Man With A Gun Show I  have a conversation with the author of Safety On, a  new children’s book by Yehuda Remer.  Michael J. Woodland shares what he learned in competition.  I read the latest post from Dave...

February 24, 2017

511- A Good Revolver and A Steady Hand

Revolvers in history, 1986 FBI Miami Shootout, Frederick Douglass, black codes, Negroes And the Gun, the black tradition with arms, Nicholas Johnson, revolvers, massed Ayoob on revolvers vs semi-auto from his book.

February 17, 2017

510 - Rise Up and Fly To Arms

Looking at our shared American heritage also known as Black History, I discovered a pro-gun Presbyterian preacher named Rev. Henry Highland Garnett (spelling varies) from the past.  In the tips segment we hear from Michael J. Woodland  on...

February 11, 2017

509 - Saturday Night Specials


February 03, 2017

508 - Remembering the Past But Embrace Diversity

Embrace diversity.  Remembering the past but preserving the future. Remembering Roy Innis of CORE and the NRA.  Shout outs to African Americans I have met over the past 25 years in the gun community. stippling with Mike Woodland....

January 28, 2017

507 - Chicago, a Suppressor, and UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy

Black Man With A Gun with Kenn Blanchard

January 20, 2017

506 - Michael J. Woodland debuts

Michael J. Woodland takes over for me this week as the host.  He talks about scopes and long range competition.   I give a little update on what I was doing at this years SHOT SHOW along with some motivation. #shotshow

January 13, 2017

505 - Influenced By MLK, Fun and Firearms

This week on episode 505, I decided to change the opening a little with some new music, new years and all. and I remember Rev. Dr. MLK, and how much it affected my life, Mike talking about the firearms he is eyeing, and big guns and big fun from David...

January 06, 2017

504- Cold weather, Mindset and Hunting with a MSR

Tips on acclimating your body to the cold, being more than a CCW holder but a protector with the right mindset, interview with Dana, a hunter from Washington State.

December 31, 2016

503 - Freedoms Eve - Happy New Year

History, the origin of Watch night Service (new years eve) , Reconstruction, the Old West, Black Cowboys, and a review of the Taylor’s & Co, 1873 Cattlemen revolver.  Shooting drills with Michael J. Woodland.  Happy New Year.

December 22, 2016

502 - Propaganda

In this episode (502) of the Black Man With A Gun Show, I respond to the article published by the BBC about new liberal gun owners. Michael J. Woodland talks about choosing a weapon for your home and I introduce you to the newest member of our team,...

December 16, 2016

501 - Challenges, Concealed Carry and Christmas

Thank you for your well wishes for last weeks milestone. (Podcasting for 9 years and sending out 500 episodes) It was a labor of love. This week going to talk to you about the challenges of concealed carry, and my goals for 2017 with your show....

December 09, 2016

500 - Hava Nagila (let us rejoice)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all that hear this show.  This episode is a celebration meeting you, talking and producing 500 episodes in 9 years of podcasting.  I got the opportunity to be on Youtube, NRA News celebrity, and friend...

December 02, 2016

499 - National Concealed Carry Reciprocity

A conversation and an education from my friend, Ted Deeds, Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA) about the origins of and how we will get a National Concealed Carry Law passed.  Michael J. Woodland talks about hearing protection and I...