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Thank you BlackManWithAGun

I appreciate all your hard work. Also, thank you for your constructive and inspiring work.

Love all his podcast

I find this podcast because of I Indian Rider Radio. And had to sub to both of this podcast. He is a true man of God a true American and a true biker. We need more men like him

Return of the People’s Champion

Ken has always been cutting-edge in the podcast world. Sharing his real life ups and downs. Always something interesting on his show and unfortunately for me, I didn’t have time to hear them all.

A brother from another mother.

Just finished listening to your new podcast Black Man with a Gun. Which I know I have been listening to you for the last 10 years are more. Enjoyed 90% of the shows. Don’t know where you’re going with this at this time, I’m curious to find out where are you going with this. Can’t wait to here further podcast. Stay safe PS no more zombie episodes please. That’s where you lost me after five or six episodes.

Pure gold

Lots of unique and thought provoking content delivered w history , insight and a Lil humor

Motivational podcast

My absolute favorite podcast !! The the education, history and entertainment is phenomenal. Thanks Mr. Blanchard!

I really love this show!

I have to say I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Blanchard while doing some training. He really is a great guy and really enjoyable to work with. I found out about his podcast and began listening to it. I think he’s got some great perspectives to give out. He’s got a great voice for podcasting. I’m happy to be a fan, I hope others listen and gain something from the knowledge he has to pass on.

Long time follower, first time reviewer

I continue to learn so much from Kenn--From firearm training to sage wisdom! Thanks for all you do.

Positively one of my most favorite podcasts

Ken is a great podcaster with interesting guest and a genuine concern for his fellow man. Love listening to him and here him speak from the heart. Keep the great work up brother.

Great show

This is a great podcast. I listen to this everytime a new one comes out. If you need advice on gear and how to be safe, this is the place to be. Mr. Ken Blanchard is awesome. This is a good use of your time

Thank You Ken!

This podcast is amazing, been a fan for almost two years!

A new favorite!

I’ve been looking for podcasts covering concealed carry and firearms, in general. This is so much more! Great information about firearms, of course, but also great info about life! The quotes and words of wisdom often give me reason to pause and consider what’s really important and how I’m “doing life.” Keep up the great work! (Phil 1:6, always a work in progress😊👍🏻)


The reverend Ken and his crew always deliver an informative podcast. Keep the faith brother and god bless. Vaya con Dios


This Podcast is very enjoyable, the style they bring can be appreciated by anyone that believes in the right to bare arm and even those that do not, as long as they can open their mind. Best of all, I learn from this cast.

Great podcast!

Great stuff on guns and society. All people should listen to this cast, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Love the podcast

Very interesting! I find your information inspirational!

Amazing podcast

Thank you for the show, Ken. All of your podcast episodes are amazing.

Awesome show

Love this show one of my favorite podcasts very informative

5 stars

I really like this podcast and what it stands for.

Is there any competition?

Consistent and informative. Thank you.

Fantastic podcast!

This is a great podcast on way more than guns! I'm a 60 yr old white man with a gun and yet I feel like a brother to this man Kenn. Of course even though he is my brother from another mother we are sons of the same Father! I enjoy the historical insights that are shared and listen to each new episode now that I've binged on the past. Thanks Kenn!

Kenn is awesome

Kenn always seems so happy and upbeat. I love every part of this show, from John Wayne saying the Pledge, to history lessons, tips and techniques, reviews, and great interviews. I look forward to a new episode every Friday. Keep up the good work!

A Veteran Podcaster

Rev. Kenn is great! He presents relative information on topics others only gloss over. He's got real world experience on the topics and brings it home with his soothing voice that's perfect for radio. Help support the 2nd ammendment by helping support Kenn and his passion of helping others. Don't miss a show.

Your Brother From Another Mother...

UPDATE: Kenn has asked us to get the word out about this gem of a podcast. My view hasn't changed since I first wrote this in 2012. Give this podcast a spin! I've listened to Kenn's podcast for quite some time. Kenn always includes his email and phone numbers and openly offers himself to anyone needing a friend. I have emailed Kenn and found him to be sincere, open and straight-forward. If you listen to the podcast long enough, you'll end up being a friend, not just a listener. It's odd that way. Kenn is more than a RKBA advocate, a gun aficionado. He puts out a message every week that we all need to hear. I don't live in any city and I'm not black and it doesn't matter. There's more here than guns and gear. A lot more. - John Maldaner Kentucky

Must -listen

I call this a "must-listen-to" podcast, trending with the culture and the times, and especially the issue of the Second Amendment. Kenn has been there, done that, served his country, knows about guns.The good reverend also has a Barry White voice that makes him easy to listen to, and very likeable.

The most interesting man in the world

I normally don't listen to podcast, but when I do, I always listen to Blackman With a Gun! Stay focus my friends.

Kenn is a great guy to listen to, & I always look forward to listening to this show.

This show is entertaining, educational & it always seems like you're hanging out with a good friend.

Great show

I love this guys voice and his perspective on gun rights issues. I really enjoy the intro for his show in addition to his personal stories.

Love it!!!

I'm a white guy with a gun and I love listening to Kenn. Started listening about 6 months ago and haven't missed an episode.

Faith, Family and Guns

Getting all my favorite things in one place.