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Thank you BlackManWithAGun

I appreciate all your hard work. Also, thank you for your constructive and inspiring work.

Love all his podcast

I find this podcast because of I Indian Rider Radio. And had to sub to both of this podcast. He is a true man of God a true American and a true biker. We need more men like him

Return of the People’s Champion

Ken has always been cutting-edge in the podcast world. Sharing his real life ups and downs. Always something interesting on his show and unfortunately for me, I didn’t have time to hear them all.

A brother from another mother.

Just finished listening to your new podcast Black Man with a Gun. Which I know I have been listening to you for the last 10 years are more. Enjoyed 90% of the shows. Don’t know where you’re going with this at this time, I’m curious to find out where are you going with this. Can’t wait to here further podcast. Stay safe PS no more zombie episodes please. That’s where you lost me after five or six episodes.

Pure gold

Lots of unique and thought provoking content delivered w history , insight and a Lil humor

Motivational podcast

My absolute favorite podcast !! The the education, history and entertainment is phenomenal. Thanks Mr. Blanchard!

I really love this show!

I have to say I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Blanchard while doing some training. He really is a great guy and really enjoyable to work with. I found out about his podcast and began listening to it. I think he’s got some great perspectives to give out. He’s got a great voice for podcasting. I’m happy to be a fan, I hope others listen and gain something from the knowledge he has to pass on.

Long time follower, first time reviewer

I continue to learn so much from Kenn--From firearm training to sage wisdom! Thanks for all you do.

Positively one of my most favorite podcasts

Ken is a great podcaster with interesting guest and a genuine concern for his fellow man. Love listening to him and here him speak from the heart. Keep the great work up brother.

Great show

This is a great podcast. I listen to this everytime a new one comes out. If you need advice on gear and how to be safe, this is the place to be. Mr. Ken Blanchard is awesome. This is a good use of your time

Thank You Ken!

This podcast is amazing, been a fan for almost two years!

A new favorite!

I’ve been looking for podcasts covering concealed carry and firearms, in general. This is so much more! Great information about firearms, of course, but also great info about life! The quotes and words of wisdom often give me reason to pause and consider what’s really important and how I’m “doing life.” Keep up the great work! (Phil 1:6, always a work in progress😊👍🏻)


The reverend Ken and his crew always deliver an informative podcast. Keep the faith brother and god bless. Vaya con Dios


This Podcast is very enjoyable, the style they bring can be appreciated by anyone that believes in the right to bare arm and even those that do not, as long as they can open their mind. Best of all, I learn from this cast.

Great podcast!

Great stuff on guns and society. All people should listen to this cast, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Love the podcast

Very interesting! I find your information inspirational!

Amazing podcast

Thank you for the show, Ken. All of your podcast episodes are amazing.

Awesome show

Love this show one of my favorite podcasts very informative

5 stars

I really like this podcast and what it stands for.

Is there any competition?

Consistent and informative. Thank you.

Fantastic podcast!

This is a great podcast on way more than guns! I'm a 60 yr old white man with a gun and yet I feel like a brother to this man Kenn. Of course even though he is my brother from another mother we are sons of the same Father! I enjoy the historical insights that are shared and listen to each new episode now that I've binged on the past. Thanks Kenn!

Kenn is awesome

Kenn always seems so happy and upbeat. I love every part of this show, from John Wayne saying the Pledge, to history lessons, tips and techniques, reviews, and great interviews. I look forward to a new episode every Friday. Keep up the good work!

A Veteran Podcaster

Rev. Kenn is great! He presents relative information on topics others only gloss over. He's got real world experience on the topics and brings it home with his soothing voice that's perfect for radio. Help support the 2nd ammendment by helping support Kenn and his passion of helping others. Don't miss a show.

Your Brother From Another Mother...

UPDATE: Kenn has asked us to get the word out about this gem of a podcast. My view hasn't changed since I first wrote this in 2012. Give this podcast a spin! I've listened to Kenn's podcast for quite some time. Kenn always includes his email and phone numbers and openly offers himself to anyone needing a friend. I have emailed Kenn and found him to be sincere, open and straight-forward. If you listen to the podcast long enough, you'll end up being a friend, not just a listener. It's odd that way. Kenn is more than a RKBA advocate, a gun aficionado. He puts out a message every week that we all need to hear. I don't live in any city and I'm not black and it doesn't matter. There's more here than guns and gear. A lot more. - John Maldaner Kentucky

Must -listen

I call this a "must-listen-to" podcast, trending with the culture and the times, and especially the issue of the Second Amendment. Kenn has been there, done that, served his country, knows about guns.The good reverend also has a Barry White voice that makes him easy to listen to, and very likeable.

The most interesting man in the world

I normally don't listen to podcast, but when I do, I always listen to Blackman With a Gun! Stay focus my friends.

Kenn is a great guy to listen to, & I always look forward to listening to this show.

This show is entertaining, educational & it always seems like you're hanging out with a good friend.

Great show

I love this guys voice and his perspective on gun rights issues. I really enjoy the intro for his show in addition to his personal stories.

Love it!!!

I'm a white guy with a gun and I love listening to Kenn. Started listening about 6 months ago and haven't missed an episode.

Faith, Family and Guns

Getting all my favorite things in one place.

Great Podcast!

I listen to many podcasts, this is my FAVORITE! I am always glad to see it in my recent download list. Kenn simply is fantastic at talking firearms and springing in history, gun rights, and other interesting topics.

Good job Ken

Good listening and clean podcast love it thanx

Knowledge of all things guns

Keep up the great work - help me stay inform on what is going on with all things guns

Great show

Just started listening a few months ago and I have to say "I love listening to this show". I love the guess and the history this show presents. Keep up the good work. Keep the 2nd amendment alive. From another black man with a gun.

Nobody Does it Better than Kenn

If you're Pro-2A and Not listening to are under-educated! By far, my most favorite 2A program....LISTEN!

I'm not black but I still love it

Kenn Blanchard has a great thing going here. I hope this show is around for a long time to come.

From one black man with a gun to another

As someone learning, re-learning, and returning into the world of responsible armed citizens, Kenn & his BMWAG show is an invaluable resource, with plenty of credibility to back him up. The BMWAG show is more than a podcast focused on the rights, duty, and understanding of the 2nd Amendment. Kenn has a very unique way of not talking down to the newbie gun owner, gun-curious, or opposing gun-control advocate. The fact that Kenn is well versed in the history of gun culture in America is an added bonus for a history nerd, such as myself. The BMWAG show is required weekly listening. The BMWAG book is required reading, whether you are pro or anti gun. Kenn does a great job of providing a nice common ground necessary to spark an intelligent conversation for both sides to get an understanding of each other's viewpoints.

Wisdom in an increasingly crazy world

Ken is a beacon of truth and inspiration just over the horizon of a sea of chaos and misinformation. Thank you Ken!

Great podcast for the urban shooter

Love the show, keep the good work!!!!! by: Ken W. Robinson

Absolutely Beneficial!

I've been following this Great Man for years. His show is insightful, educational, unique and entertaining. I recommend it to all my friends. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Great perspective, great guests, great show!

Kenn is a powerful voice in the pro-gun ranks; this show is entertaining, informative, and enjoyable. Give his podcast & accompanying app a try; I hope you enjoy the pro-gun, pro-fun variety show as much as I do.

I’m Hooked Man...

I really enjoy listening to this true Patriot. Mr. Blanchard understands the importance of America maintaining the freedoms that we have in this country. They are God given and the lords blessing have got us this far. I pray he gets us through these rough times where True American Freedom is being challenged. So many good subjects are covered. Historical America, current times and future challenges that we face and on and on. Very entertaining, informative and enlightening. God bless you brother… “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”...

Great information with a history lesson or two!

People of all ages, races and political leanings could learn a thing or two from Ken. From the great history spots to the current affairs of today, Ken keeps this podcast interesting, cool, and always insightful. Keep up the great job, Ken!

Awesome Podcast

I love the Variety Show theme of your podcast. Yes, guns are the mainline, but interviews, ministry, history, and even MOST of your singing, all make this a special podcast to listen to. You are great !!!! Keep it coming.

Black Man With A Gun

A fun and entertaining podcast including a wealth of history.

Big Buck Registry Loves Black Man with a Gun!

Man this podcast is awesome! Lots of podcasts out there. Half of them have bad audio. Many have pod faded. Very few have killer content, great audio quality, and are going strong. This show has all of that! I'd give it 6 stars if I could. Keep on doing what you do! -Jay

Humble and Realistic

Kenn Blanchard supports the 2nd amendment with his gentle approach to gun rights. He does not attack the gun control supporters with "guns blazin'"but he takes the time to look up and confirm what it is that he shares with his audience over his program. Blanchard re-introduces himself briefly to his growing audience in every episode, and each time he does, you know you're listening to the right person for your interests. He will often travel to speak at events and interview other big name speakers in the gun rights community. Lastly, if you are ever presented with the opportunity to meet the Rev. Kenn Blanchard in person, take the chance, he is just as humble in person as he sounds in his program.

CarrieZ's Hunting, Fishing & Outdoor Podcast

This is my favorite firearms podcast. Kenn does such a wonderful job being positive and informative and putting together such a professional show. Keep up the great work my brother from another mother - the 5 stars is well deserved!!


Kenn has hit a homerun with the new structure of his podcast. Gun rights, gun gear, gun community. It's perfect.

Yes, Yes, and Yes!

This is the podcast for all Americans. Brannum.

Regular listener

I very much enjoy Kenn's guests, commentary, and instruction. I often hear him interview guests before the more well-known radio and podcast shows interview them.


I am just finishing my first podcast and am very happy. I love the informative aspects of the podcast. This lacks comedy, like most others, but it is a nice change. I look forward to listening to past and future episodes. Great job!!!!

Listen every episode.

Rev. Kenn Blanchard is a wonderful speaker. His views on the 2nd ammendment are spot on.

Black Man With A Gun

Hey, I'm a first time listener to Kenn. Wonderful show. A breath of fresh air. Episode A Time To Kill.... My first. I WILL be downloading ALL EPISODES in the next few weeks. I will listen to them all!! I am a Christian Gun Owner, a 2nd Amendment defender, a Benefactor Member of the NRA, a disabled Vietnam Veteran, AND a NRA Recruiter. Kenn, keep up the good work and continue spreading the TRUTH. GOD BLESS. Regards! Safaripete

Fav Podcast--Educational, Enlightening and Encouraging

I love the podcast. Kenn brings to life a number of topics from history to music along with family, marriage, and life. All of this is done without an over the top bend on guns. It is a show for gun enthusiasts which can be enjoyed by those with a casual or curious interest in guns (that is how I started--curious). Kenn is a down to earth host with whom I could identify. The only portion of his show that I sometimes--okay often--raise a brow to is his cigar of the week [actually kidding because the best or worst smoke is a matter of personal preference]. The podcast is well produced. I started listening in Jan '13. I've enjoyed the podcast so much that I have listened to all of the podcasts. I look forward to the weekly appearance of the podcast. I enjoy the introduction to new shooter topics and information balanced with the average kind of guy slant. The most flattering thing I can say is the Urban Shooter Podcast is refreshing and not your typical gun enthusiast's podcast. Thanks Rev. Keep on making it do what it do!


Fantastic podcast. You'll learn from Kenn and he'll make you laugh.

Coolest gun rights podcaster

Informative, fun, encouraging. Pull up a podcast and check it out. Great for a ride home from a hard day or night at work.

One of the great pro gun vocies.

There are a lot of good podcasts on guns, but none is better the Kenn Blanchard. Everyone who believes in the 2nd should be listening.

Heart & Soul

Kenn is my brother-from-another-mother. This is the epitome of why I love some podcasts. He talks to me, in soothing tones, about an extremely important topic in relation to inidividual liberty.

Fantastic Show

I love this podcast, Ken's style is informative, insightful and often humorous.. Keep up the good work and continue to reach out to those who really no nothing about firearms and the people who enjoy them. Your brother from another mother, Kevin

Fun, Interesting and Uplifting!

Been listening to The Urban Shooter podcast for a few months now and I like it. The variety is pretty good. A little bit of comedy, politics, music and prayer mixed with a lot of talking about firearms and shooting.

A truly unique experience

You will be hard pressed to find a guns-related podcast that weaves together music, news, interviews, reviews & how-tos and does it with as much style as this one. I've listened to Kenn's show for a few years now and have yet to be disappointed. It has always been time well spent.

Good podcast

I have found this to be a well produced podcast. What more could one ask for: God, America, guns and cigars. I have to say this is a written prodcast that delivers unvarnished truth, even if it may be something that "makes your jaw tight." You may also bump in something completely unexpected such as some home grown Louis Armstrong to close out a show. Keep up the good work, Mr. Blanchard.

Before Mr. Colion Noir there was Black Man With A Gun

Kenn Blanchard is one of my favorite commentators. He is easy-going and genuine. His podcasts are wide-ranging covering every aspect of guns and shooting, whether for fun, sport, or for protection. The bonus is the perspective he brings as a Black man, and as a Christian. He won't put either in your face, but those perspectives form the context of the show. Kenn makes no apologies, and offers no pretense. Good information, interesting guests and some fun make Kenn good company for whatever you do while listening to a podcast.

Urban Shooter a good source for current gun information

I have listened to Kenn for quite some time, and find his podcasts to be informative and diverse. It's not all about guns, which can get monotonous at times. His format allows different topics, and shows the various aspects of gun ownership and how it affects other aspects of a person's life. Keep up the good work Kenn, and keep the faith. Q

BMWAG Broadcasts

I look forward to hearing Kens humor and wit each week along with a world of information on gun and ammo. I appreciate hearing from experts from all over as well as politics. I am a black Conservative and Christian so I can relate. In a short note I love the show!

Nicely done on a regular basis!!

You don't have to be a shooter, conservative or gun rights supporter to appreciate, find value or inspiration in Ken's pod casts. He approaches all his podcasts from a position of informing, and adding value to your day. I found him during all the anti gun fervor last year, and he was a welcome voice of reason and calm. I've been checking in on his podcasts ever since. Thanks Rev. Ken, keep it up!!

Fun, encouraging, entertaining, informative

So much more than a gun rights show -- and there is plenty of that. I tune in all the time. Love hearing his stories. Great guests. Good info. Outstanding advice and perspective.

Pro-Gun Variety Show

Nothing else like it out there. Kenn Blanchard brings in great music, great interviews, and a lot of heart

Great podcast

I don't miss a single show. My brother tells it like it s is as he makes his journey, and we get to ride in the back seat. Good trip.

Great Show!

Kenn is a great host and the show is always interesting and inspiring. Keep up the good work, Rev.

My brother

I was alone and then I found Ken.

Urban Shooter tells it like it is

It is always a pleasure to join Kenn for an hour of information, opinion and discussion. Thank you Sir for the information and insight.

La guns

Great show nice to get a different take on gun ownership.

Great program

Wonderful information and perspective. Keep a sense of humor especially about yourself.

Fun and entertaining

Love the info. Love the music. You know the host is having fun.


Ken, your no nonsense talk is a great listen and the songs manage to brighten up even the gloomiest of days. Keep the pod going strong!

What do I think....

Enlightening! Very informative with points that you can not ignore. This podcast has changes several of my views.

I enjoy your podcast

It is a great podcast and I look forward to it every week. It give me good information on laws and on history. Thank you for what you do. Keep up the good work.

Love the show.

I am a regular listener. Your podcast is honest and down to earth and that's why I enjoy it. Keep up the good work and thanks.

Love it

First heard of Kenn's website during a commercial break on Cam & Co. One night. Really loved his website and I love hearing what he has to say about history, firearms, and society. Good luck to you Kenn and keep the good shows coming.

Urban Shooter

By Far the best podcast. Ken is obviously a genuine patriot, man of God, and just a great guy! All of us can learn a lot from this podcast, about guns and the right way to do things

Don't Miss this COOL Podcast

I might not seem to be a candidate for this Podcast but I LOVE it!! Kenn will Enlighten you with his Wisdom, Philosophy, History and Some GREAT MUSIC. Did I mention he has some Pretty Good Pipes Himself!! If you miss it, you only have yourself to blame!!!

Ken's the MAN

just love this podcast. you'll hear a little of everything from Ken. Faith, Politics, & Guns. This man deserves a radio show.


I just recently began listening to The Urban Shooter and have enjoyed it very much. I especially liked the episode on Older Shooters. I also like the gentle tone of the podcast. Keep up the great work. CC

Yeah Man!

Just discovered this show and I think it is superb! Like the mix of topics and the truths he tells us of. Keep up the great work, please. Roger

That man can sing, and gun stuff too!!

Have listened to Kenn from the begining (zombi strike). Honest gun info and great guest. He really needs to move to a more gun friendly state. The most entertaining pro gun podcaster out there I listen to. Kenn keep up the outstanding work you have been doing. Did I mention he can really sing!!

Awesome show

The Urban Shooter pod cast isn't your average podcast. I love that there is a little bit of everything in this podcast. It truely is a varitey show. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Something for everyone

For a fun show with a lot of variety and enlightenment, I recommend this gun centered podcast. Kenn is a great entertainer, pastor and a friend everyone would like to have. His musical talents and writing abilities bring a suprise to each show. He is a true patriot and everbody's friend... and a friend everybody wants to have. For news, reviews, SCARS and cigars, Kenn is the best!

A fun listen

A nice blend of information, humor, and perspectives from cigars to how relationships can be affected by firearms ownership. A word of caution: Rev, Blanchard doesn't sing quite as well as he may believe he does. (Sorry Rev!) I'm glad that I subscribed.

A real brother-from-a-another-mother for ALL!

Where to start? A wise man who doesn't force it on you, passionate in his beliefs without being fanatical, that is the Kenn Blanchard I have listened to for 2 years. He is consistent, honest, fair and eclectic in the topics he speaks about, the guests that are interviewed and had Zombies in the show WAY before the hipsters got interested in them! More than a 'Gun Rights' show, even with the (to me) eye-opening info on the racist roots of gun control book Kenn wrote, it is about life and what one good man sees as the direction to take to finish the race strong. Where else will you get to hear the Blues, Guns and Cigars all in the same show?? Tell your friends!

Well-Thought Out Perspective

I have always enjoyed Mr. Blanchard's articles, finding them to be informative, and unique. I appreciate the similarities that I have read and most recently, as a new listener to the podcasts as well. I have also face living and working In a liberal city with a very hostile view of the shooting sports & gun rights in general (Seattle, WA). It is refreshing to hear some very logical, well-read, and lived-through thoughts on living in an urban area as a 2nd amendment advocate and gun enthusiast. Thank you Mr. Blanchard for your time and wisdom.


A unique delivery, extremely entertaining and best of all it's pro 2nd amendment.

D. Wilson

If you only listen to one podcast this is the one. It's well balanced, family friendly, informative and just a plain enjoyable experience. And, who doesn't need a little joy in this hectic world. Listen to Kenn Blanchard one time and you will be hooked by his wit, wisdom, charm and knowledge.

Prespectives on Gun ownership from a rearly heard perspective

Nearly every Gun talk podcast on the internet takes the perspective of Right-Wing zealots, so called patriots with a distasteful snarkyness towards non-republicans that I hate hearing and being associated with. This show thankfully avoids that kind of silly ness. As the only African American pro gun podcast I have heard, I find this show refreshing, entertaining, alighting, and informative. I love this podcast. This pod cast talks about things other than guns. Interesting… This show talks about cigars (Ho Yeah), I really like that. Fantastic podcast!

Thanks Kenn!

This is a unique podcast. It truely is a variety show of guns, gear, cigars, interviews, music and positivity. Thanks for all you do Kenn.

What a Great Mix

Discovered this podcast on a long drive yesterday. I didn't expect a black man, Christian pastor, patriot, and entertainer when I loaded episode 282. Shocked to say the least--in a good way! My wife, who's not a gun enthusiast, enjoyed Kenn's full-bodied podcast. Every once in a while someone breaks the usual mold to stretch the boundaries and Kenn is now on that short list. Give him a listen even if you don't like guns and cigars (I'm not a cigar fan). You'll be glad you did. Nice job Kenn. Godspeed!

Great podcast!

This podcast is a wealth of information on guns and life ! Each episode is well planned and arranged. I really enjoy the life related topics. Thanks for all the work you put into it Kenn !!

Kenn Blanchard's Urban Shooter Podcast

Don't miss it! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get mad, and you'll learn something! Kenn is a great American - A Christian man with a great message, and a heart for God and all that is good. Check out this podcast. It'll only add to your life. -Sarah Greene Cape Cod, MA

Good Show

Good show for Second Amendment related information.

Great Podcast

Kenn does a great job with his podcast. It is a huge highlight of my day when I can listen to the Urban Shooter podcast. He makes it seem so personal. Keep up the great work "My Brother From A Different Mother". Also check out his other podcast, such an inspiration.

Superb podcast!

Love this show, I look forward to each new episode! Thanks Kenn

News you can use

When I first started listening to the Urban Shooter Podcast, I had never shot a gun and my husband was really getting into them. Not for hunting, but for personal protection. I have to admit, it is this podcast that peaked my interest to the point that I went to the gun range and got hooked on shooting for recreation (which I pray is the only reason I ever have to use my gun). But enough about me...Kenn introduces himself as your "brother from another mother" and as you listen to him you begin to feel like you are having a conversation of sorts with this personable podcaster. I have learned so much by listening to this podcast about gun rights, how the origins of gun laws stem from our racist past as a country, and how guns are not just for men but for everyone. The weekly guests that Kenn features provide a broad view of the shooting community from the sports/hunter to the person who is just trying to make sure they can defend their loved ones if it comes down to it. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is this: If you are interested in shooting, guns, or gun rights---this is the podcast for you. I have listened (via my husband) to several of these types of podcasts, but this is my favorite by far. Tune will not regret it! :)

Awesome, and not what you would expect.

I have listende to Kenn for years now. He brings it every show. His sound is amazing. What I like most is that he is "there" for his listeners. By "there" I mean he is a person who listens as well as talks. If you contact him he will get back to you. If you have a suggestion he will listen. If you have a problem he will try to help. All this and the show is pro-gun, pro-freedom, and fun!

Better than a Glock

You have an awesome podcast. Keep up the good work and we will keep praying for ya.

I enjoy the history

I love the episodes that cover aspects of gun control history. Very interesting. also want to hear more religion and guns/self deffence. Keep the faith, my brother from another mother!

Awesome podcast!!!!

Your show hits a lot of relevant topics. keep up the good Work.

Quality variety show

Thanks for putting out a great show every week bro!

Absolute entertainment.

I love these podcasts. I even went back as far as I could as well. Kenn Blanchard is a great man that I can say I have learned from. It doesn't get much better than that.

Thank you!!!!!!

This is a perfect drug for an addicted, listening fan!!!

Good podcast.

One of my favorite podcasts. Funny,informative, easy to listen too. Ken is the man!!

Witty and unexpected.

All in all very well done, a breath of fresh air


I can't wait for my weekly fix. Keep up the good work.

Exceptional and well-balanced

USP not only talks responsible gun ownership, but also gives spiritual insight and direction. The Zombie Strike saga is awesome. I listen to many gun podcast, but this is my favorite bar none.

Great podcast!

Kenn puts together a quality show. Highly recommended! It is so much more than just a shooting podcast. Thanks Kenn!

The Best

This is the best Shooting Podcast out there. He covers all sorts of topics and has great guests. #1

A great time

When listening to Kenn talk, I feel like I'm listening to a friend. The podcast is as much about life as it's about guns. Listen to a few shows, and you will gain a brother in arms. One of my favorite times of the week.

You ROCK!!

I just discovered this podcast and caught up on some back episodes, I was hooked after the first episode I listened to. Pro Jesus + pro gun = 5 stars. I'm a light skinned man but I feel right at home with Kenn and I love the zombie hunter episodes. Keep it up bro.

like it

well done man

Well worth the time to listen

If you are looking for an informative, thought-provoking podcast you will like the Urban Shooter. This guy gets it. His production value is excellent and makes it very easy to listen to him. Spread the word, well worth the time. Ken... keep fighting the good fight.

Historically speaking

I have been listening to his archive of podcasts trying to catch up with the current live podcasts. I like his honesty and frank comments about gun use. Good work. Thanks for your efforts.

Relaxing informative and entertaining

kens way of sharing iformation puts you at ease and lets you enjoy the information and opinions vs getting you riled up. This lets you actualy think about issues and concerns he may be presenting with out getting emotional and get your head wraped around them very nicly. Zombie Strick is a kick too. Keep it up ken we love it.

Great Show

Pastor Kenn, what can be said, you cross all bounderies, have patience for all people and are color blind. This country and this world need many more just like you. We must stop the violence of the juveniles, where are the parents? Where is God in their lives? Your Podcast should be mandatory listening in middle school and high school. You share the love my friend, I am blessed to have found you.

Unique Gun Oriented Podcast

Kenn, my brother from another Mother, I love the podcast! Keep spreading the WORD, and thank you for all you do for the 2nd amendment! Your show is always entertaining, and quite different from the others, and that is a refreshing change. GOD BLESS!

A Catholic listening to a Pastor that says Shalom Baby!

Pastor Kenn (What I like to call him even if I haven't met him) talks not only about our Right of Gun Ownership and Self Defense but also of being better humans. The podcast is not a catalog of the latest and the "bestest" in guns or tactics or a neverending preaching but a wise friend that sits with you and help us, laughs with us, celebrates with us and even when needed, gives us the necessary reminder that we can do better be it guns, love or Constitution.

You the man

Tell it like it is brother. Tell it like it is.

Great Show.

Love this show. Very informative. Very entertaining. Keep up the outstanding work Kenn.

Pastor Ken Blanchard is a pleasure to listen to.

You can't get any better than a Black preacher who is a conservative and a pro second amendment rights activist. He is a very funny, imformative and engaging speeker. God Bless you Pastor Ken!

k b

goodstuff, and thats from me "the suburban shooter, the white man with a gun". the brother from the same mother, mother freedom, that is. give this show a listen. this dude has an open mind. a true and rare thing to find someone with a mike that has an open mind

From a different angle

Ken sure has opend my eyes. Enjoy his "one smooth brother" voice, that has enformed me of firearm history pretaining to blacks. So much enlightment. Thank you for your work. We've come a long way, together we can go all the way. Straght talker and shooter. Thank you.

One Awesome Pro Second Amendment Podcast!

Ken does a great job talking about everything concerning the second amendment. He is an excellent speaker and knows what he is talking about. I love the podcasts when he talks about faith and the second amendment. I love listening to this podcast and wish it was published daily! Keep up the great work Ken and I will keep looking forward to every podcast!

I am loving it

I have become addicted to this podcast. I feel like I am part of the family when I listen to Kenn, the new Rabbi is one of my favorite parts of the show. The conversations between Kenn and the Rabbi are very comforting and informative. And what can I say about Zombie strike beside awesome. Kenn keep on singing my brother I really enjoy listening to it. I can't wait for the next episode.

Great Podcast

Ken has a superb way of getting his point across to people from all backgrounds. I'm not a "gun nut", but I do carry and want to keep my freedom to do so. Ken brings a flair of humor and relaxation to a volitile subject that divides many people. I voraciously consumed every past episode and can't wait for new ones to be released.

One of the best!

I like most of the shows on the Gun Rights Radio network. This one really shines. Ken Blanchard's show is about a lot more than just guns. It's funny, entertaining, and sure to be a force for good. He's the Pastor with the answers, and there if you need him. With the Rabbi and a great message he is a unifier, and a great talent. Keep singing and storytelling Ken, from one of your Urban Shooters.

One of the best

The Urban Shooter is not just for the gun person. Kenn gives personal insight on many topics that we all face. Regardless of race, religion, or political persuasion this podcast is for everyone. Keep the Faith Kenn

Don't pass over this podcast.

Kenn's podcast is on my top three list for firearms podcasts, and the only podcast that I have donated to. Listening to his podcast I feal like i'm with a friend who both entertains and teaches me knowledge of guns and life lessons. What did Bill Cosby always say at the beginning of Fat Albert? Stick around and you're sure to have fun and may even learn something while you're at it. Sorry Bill about butchering your line.


love the show ken but the rabbi is to much high brow downer

Changed my mind - on a lot of things

The show caught me off guard with discussions of gun rights, concel carry, christian faith, and zombies! What a blast. Helped me even with my racial prejudices (I'm white). Kenn is doing more to break down the walls that divide than he will ever get credit for, and he is doing it with style and humility.

More than just shooting & guns

The Urban Shooter is informative, fun, and sometimes goofy, making it perfect for people like me who think life is way too important to take so seriously! Kenn Blanchard has a great command of firearms info, plus popular culture and great taste in music. For one guy working in his basement, er, studio, the production quality is really high! The end result is a very enjoyable listen.

Great podcast & host

Kenn: Just started listening to your podcast after hearing your interview on AAR with Mark Walters. I really enjoy your format, perspective, humor, council, ministry...heck all of it. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work. Hope to see you at the 2nd A march next year in DC.

Just what the doctor ordered

Instructional and entertaining! Very real (pardon the cliche). Thanks for a great podcast.

Just Subscribed

Wow, wonderful podcast packed with information we need and some delightful humor and music as well. Keep it coming Kenn! And by-the-way, a New Testament Church is one of my dreams. I will keep that in my prayers!!

Keep up the great work!

Fun and informative... I look forward to Kenn's podcast every week.

The friend I've never meet

Ken's openness invites you in and makes you welcome. I look forwerd to the showes each week keepem comeing ken doing good things.

Urban Shooter review

Great Podcast! Educational, inspiring and fun to listen to.

What Color is My Gun?

HA HA HA....priceless Kenn. A different twist on a firearms podcast. Sometimes it's light-hearted and funny. Other times it's sober and heavy. Either way it is always entertaining to listen to and full of good information and perspectives. Keep fighting the good fight. Props from Lansing, MI to my "brother from a different mother".

A Gun Variety Show!

Kenn continues to improve his Podcast, with gun reviews and "Zombie Strike" An Entertaining Podcast!

Blanchard- inspirational message, one which every American should hear.

Blanchard- inspirational message, one which every American should hear. Listen and think. Do a search for the video "Kenn Blanchard- Freedom".

Not just for black folks in the city

I don't know that Comedy is the most precise Category, but it guess it will do. Kenn has a wide appeal. I am new to his podcasts, but find a little bit of everything from solid information about firearms and responsibility to inspiration to funny stories. Give it a listen. If you don't like it, you get double your money back.

Great show!

Funny, helpful, smart. Fantastic show! Thanks for the time and effort you put into them.


I listen to and fully enjoy most of the gun podcasts but this is definately my favorite. Episode 121 is excellent and when it is no longer available on iTunes I reccommend you listen to it from Ken's website. If you enjoy the show become a member to keep it going. Subscribe now. Also check out the Armed Citizen and Handgun podcasts. Keep up the great work Ken and thank you.

Excellent for the serious shooter!!

The only podcast that has integrated music and does a good job. The pledge of allegence is a pledge I repeated everyday growing up in Mo. Give it time- Don't judge by its cover, I did and came back for a second listen after Proarms recommended this podcast. I place this in 2nd place behind Proarms. Good Job!! Scott LaRue

A Shining Star

What impresses me most about the host is how responsive he is to e-mail. Not only does he support gun rights, but he also supports the community. The show has a wonderful format with new segments always in development. My only wish is that some segments weren't submitted over the phone due to poor sound quality. Overall, this show is a shining star on the Gun Rights Radio Network.

Great Show

I really look forward to this podcast every week. Ken has a very good perspective on gun rights and knowledge and also gives you some new ideas to chew on and share with others. A nice blend of seriousness, learning, and enjoyment.

urban shooters podcast

WOW the best gun rights podcast on itunes!!!!!!!!!!

Insights and entertainment abound

The Urban Shooter (Kenn Blanchard) is inspiring and entertaining. Highly recommended!

Always informative and always entertaining.

The Urban Shooter podcast is always educational and always entertaining. Kenn Blanchard's podcast is one that I look forward to each week. If you are interested in gun rights, this podcast will not disappoint.

James 3:13

Kenn, Thanks to your smooth talking podcast and the Gun Dudes my wife feels it's time to be trained to hold and fire a gun. I digg how you add the word of God into your show. Keep up the good work brother. Signed, One more white guy with a gun that loves your cast.

Very Noble Man!

Kenn is a man I would be very proud to call Friend. Would like to one day be able to sit down with Kenn and talk guns, share some stories and maybe even pop a few caps. Jim C

Excellent podcast

If you are a gun owner or even just want to learn a little more about guns and your 2nd amendment right, this is the podcast to subscribe to. Kenn does a wonderful job of educating his listeners about all aspects of the gun owners rights and responsibilities along with different organizations and activities that are available for the gun owner. Thanks for a great podcast Kenn. I can't wait to hear the next one.

Urban Shooter

The Urban Shooter podcast is a "must have" on your podcast if you truly care about pro-2nd amendment issues or just want to learn more about firearms and and training.

Kenn Rocks!!!

The Black Man with a Gun is just what our nation needs: a man with real concern for others, patriotism, and a sense of humor. Thanks Kenn for bringing us great info every week with a style only you can deliver. Keep it up, and we'll keep listening!

Sense in a senseless world

I have nothing but praise for Kenn and his down to earth view and mostly eloquent voice on our Second Amendment rights. This pod-cast is very well put together and always a pleasure to listen to. The Urban Shooter is never the same thing twice, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes nostalgic, and ALWAYS intelligent and informative. Despite its name it does not only appeal to city dwellers. I highly recommend that everyone give it a listen. If only all shooters could speak as well about our rights…

Urban Shooter Found Recently!!

Recently found and enjoy when ever a new pcast is posted.******!!

black man with a gun

Scary thought for many people BUT not with Kenn. I've been listening to Kenn for quite a while and he's right on with the issues. I was interviewed on one of his podcasts several episodes ago and thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. Keep up the good work friend! Scott M. Conn DownRange Global Solutions, Inc.

great show

Great show, I love listening to this podcast

Not your average podcast...

This podcast is informative, thought provoking and fun. The experience and know-how that Kenn and his guests bring to the show are outstanding. What makes this podcast my favorite is Kenn himself. The Urban Shooter can be a very personal look at a man and his journey in life; his struggles, triumphs, joys and hardships. To mix that in with gun news, concealed carry training, politics and personal safety is quite a feat!

Guns, Zombies and life

This man keeps me on the right path of life, you can not get any better then that. Gets you thinking on whats going on and just does not give you the answers but makes you think of how to make the right choise in life and not to deep either. Fun to lisen to. Keep it going and keep the fath. Greg G Navy80to04

Black Man, Righteous Man, Family Man, and Our Brother Man....

Blanch loves Freedom, his Country and his Fellow Americans. Subscribe & Listen In! You'll Get It, just watch out for the Zombies!

Great show from a great teacher

Ken does a fantastic job on both entertaining and informing me about my 2nd amendment rights. I love his style and I can't imagine the internet without his show.

Informative Podcast

I've been listening to this podcast for a few months. Informative, interesting, entertaining. Kenn's work is worth your time.


Kenn, Your show is AWESOME.

A red blooded American

You're one of the best. A true American, and also a very moral man. I appreciate the show, I appreciate the words of wisdom. I like knowing that there is someone else out there who holds certain truths dear. God, familiy, country, Corps... In a nut shell, freedom, and the things that are all tied in to freedom. As one of your brothers, not only in Christ but who also has earned the title, Siemper Fi, and keep up the good work.

Great informative podcast

I really enjoy Kenn's Pdcast. It is a nice mix of information and entertainment.

from Florida.

One of the best gun related pod cast around. Kenn is an awesome guy. The pod cast is filled with great information, good stories and you got to love Shoot, don't shoot. keep up the good word brother Kenn, we need you.

Great Uplifting Show

This is a show that talks about many issues, but the focus is on firearms. The Urban Shooter is positive and fun to listen to, and does great pieces that keep the listener informed on firearm legislation.

Makes my Day

Thank you Kenn for putting together your podcasts. It makes my day at work much better. Semper Fi my brother.

great podcast!

Thanks for keepin' it real. Love your show and am grateful for your work at keeping us informed. Keep it up and thank God for our 2nd amendment rights.

Check it out

I have been subscribed to this podcast for over a year now & I still look forward to every single episode. Don't take my word for it - subscribe & check it out for yourself - you won't regret it!

This is an excellent Podcast!!!!!

I am addicted to The Urban Shooter podcast. Kenn is so real. He gives you history, facts, informed opinions and life experience. Besides how can you go wrong with a podcast about guns?

Kenn hits it out of the park!!!

I have been listening to the Urban Shooter since almost the beginning and I find it to be highly entertaining and very informative. This is a first rate show that I personally feel reaches out to everybody. The balance between entertainment and education is exceptional. Good job, Sir. I applaud you!

Keep the wheels turning Ken!

Ken an excellent job on the Podcast. Everybody should listen, learn and then you decide on what you should do in life! Keep those gears turning. Proud to say you are, "My Brother from a different Mother." Keep the Faith and let ordnance fly!!!!!

Good stuff

I really enjoy listening to this podcast.

Truth Can Be Told

If you want to hear it as it is, have some fun and learn a little; join Kenn for the ride. As a new listener who after a few podcasts, checked out his website, sent for his book, read it and then went back and downloaded all previous podcasts. You can see the growth in Kenn's podcasts and sound effects library as you listen to all the podcasts. The one thing that never changes is this brother's commitment to tell the truth....he lays it out there whether you like it or not. He brings in additional guests and their information to help me stay current. Great job from your brother from a different mother in Maine. Not many other places I've found where you can say the pledge of allegiance with John Wayne; remain current with weekly news, good and bad; and 2d amendment support throughout. Thanks for all the hard work and good info!


Excellent show. Well spoken and produced. An great source for second amendment information.

Great job

I'm new to the Urban Shooter, but I've got to say, "great job," Ken. I'm not a city guy, in fact I hate cities, but even someone from rural PA like me can appreciate what your doing. Plus, I really dig the funk and blues tunes you've been playing. Now you're one comment closer to your goal. Keep up the good work!

Sheepdog in training

Episode 92 / like always your podcast is fantastic, but episode 92 is one of the best pro-gun programs I ever have listen to. So keep it up and power to the people .

Great 2nd Ammendment Podcast

I like the east coast big city perspective Ken brings to his Podcast. It's a great opportunity to see a different but still positive take on our 2nd ammendment rights and other shooting related issues.

Great podcast!

Ken, Thanks for a great podcast. Keep up the good work.

informational and entertaining

very nice podcast wont put you to sleep like some others will. alway entertaining and informative

Gotta Love It!

This is not just a podcast about guns, it is a podcast about life that also says a lot about guns. It is interesting, funny, and informative. If you are not "urban" you will not loose anything if you listen. In fact you will gain a lot. I highly recommend this to anyone who has even thought about owning a gun.

The Urban Source For Gun Rights & Information!

The Urban Shooter podcast is an oasis of information for anyone who hungers for knowledge and wisdom as it relates to our 2nd amendment right. Kenn Blanchard’s discussions on topics from the 2nd amendment, guns, self defense, and common sense, is right on target and every Chicago resident needs to hear what Kenn has to say, especially in light of our growing crime and murder rates which is up 12% in 2008. Now Chicago has the strictest gun ban in the nation, since the Supreme Court overturned Washington DC’s gun ban, however, gun deaths and violence continues to increase. We need a new perspective to our crime issue and Kenn is providing a most valuable service to our community to that end. I look forward to the day when Chicago’s gun ban is finally overturned and until then, Chicago needs Urban Shooter and Kenn Blanchard on the side of law abiding citizens. Keep up the great work and keep those podcasts coming Kenn! Salutations from the Windy City!

Great, and very sane

It's refreshing to hear gun ownership discussed in such a sane way. Not all do. The media makes guns look cool, most of the people writing that stuff have never held a gun in their hand, they just use guns as a cheap writing device: On screen, a gun produces instant drama and conflict without the writers having to write anything. It's sad. Guns are tools, but they're not "cool" in the hands of hot heads. Rev. Kenn is very cool headed, and makes ya think, and even considers all sides of any story. Rare and refreshing, for sure. And he has a great voice. Most importantly, I really have encountered few people in my life, (probably less than 100 people in my 44 years) who transmit the infinite power of the Universe from one man to another, like the first-century disciples did before religion and power mucked it all up. This guy is the real deal, and transmits God whether he's talking about God or guns or the US Constitution or even just the weather. I don't believe in saints, All of mankind are absolutely fallible. But I believe in the power of God working through people, one man to another, even just in the voice over the Internet. And this cat's got it. --Michael W. Dean


What can I say about this man? He's cool, smooth and tells it like it is. Another great example of the diversity the gun rights movement can offer. Kenn has got a lot of great segments that are engaging and informative for experienced gun owners and new comers alike.

Refreshing Perspective

Kenn perspective as a gun owner/carrier/shooter living in the big city is refreshing and informative. Keep up the good work brother!

Awesome show

Kenn covers all aspects of gun culture and gun rights. Keep em coming!

A good podcast

A good podcast that deals with issues related to owning and carrying a firearm in urban areas.

Love it!

I love the Urban Shooter Podcast! Informative and entertaining,

One of the best shooting podcasts out there!

Ken puts a lot of effort into this podcast - it's something I look forward to everytime I fly (as this is when I usually have time to catch up on all my podcasts)! He covers topics relevant to the urban environment as well as all shooters in general. Trust me, you will love this podcast - it's addicting!!! I only wish he did more than one and week and for more than one hour!! :)

2nd amendments #1 advocate!

One of the best 2nd Amendment podcasts out there whether you live in the city or not you will enjoy this one!