Black Man With A Gun Show

Your Brother From Another Mother...

UPDATE: Kenn has asked us to get the word out about this gem of a podcast. My view hasn't changed since I first wrote this in 2012. Give this podcast a spin!

I've listened to Kenn's podcast for quite some time. Kenn always includes his email and phone numbers and openly offers himself to anyone needing a friend. I have emailed Kenn and found him to be sincere, open and straight-forward. If you listen to the podcast long enough, you'll end up being a friend, not just a listener. It's odd that way. Kenn is more than a RKBA advocate, a gun aficionado. He puts out a message every week that we all need to hear. I don't live in any city and I'm not black and it doesn't matter. There's more here than guns and gear. A lot more.

- John Maldaner

July 23, 2016 by NoBite on Apple Podcasts

Black Man With A Gun Show