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Great Podcast!

I listen to many podcasts, this is my FAVORITE! I am always glad to see it in my recent download list. Kenn simply is fantastic at talking firearms and springing in history, gun rights, and other interesting topics.

Good job Ken

Good listening and clean podcast love it thanx

Knowledge of all things guns

Keep up the great work - help me stay inform on what is going on with all things guns

Great show

Just started listening a few months ago and I have to say "I love listening to this show". I love the guess and the history this show presents. Keep up the good work. Keep the 2nd amendment alive. From another black man with a gun.

Nobody Does it Better than Kenn

If you're Pro-2A and Not listening to are under-educated! By far, my most favorite 2A program....LISTEN!

I'm not black but I still love it

Kenn Blanchard has a great thing going here. I hope this show is around for a long time to come.

From one black man with a gun to another

As someone learning, re-learning, and returning into the world of responsible armed citizens, Kenn & his BMWAG show is an invaluable resource, with plenty of credibility to back him up. The BMWAG show is more than a podcast focused on the rights, duty, and understanding of the 2nd Amendment. Kenn has a very unique way of not talking down to the newbie gun owner, gun-curious, or opposing gun-control advocate. The fact that Kenn is well versed in the history of gun culture in America is an added bonus for a history nerd, such as myself. The BMWAG show is required weekly listening. The BMWAG book is required reading, whether you are pro or anti gun. Kenn does a great job of providing a nice common ground necessary to spark an intelligent conversation for both sides to get an understanding of each other's viewpoints.

Wisdom in an increasingly crazy world

Ken is a beacon of truth and inspiration just over the horizon of a sea of chaos and misinformation. Thank you Ken!

Great podcast for the urban shooter

Love the show, keep the good work!!!!! by: Ken W. Robinson

Absolutely Beneficial!

I've been following this Great Man for years. His show is insightful, educational, unique and entertaining. I recommend it to all my friends. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Great perspective, great guests, great show!

Kenn is a powerful voice in the pro-gun ranks; this show is entertaining, informative, and enjoyable. Give his podcast & accompanying app a try; I hope you enjoy the pro-gun, pro-fun variety show as much as I do.

I’m Hooked Man...

I really enjoy listening to this true Patriot. Mr. Blanchard understands the importance of America maintaining the freedoms that we have in this country. They are God given and the lords blessing have got us this far. I pray he gets us through these rough times where True American Freedom is being challenged. So many good subjects are covered. Historical America, current times and future challenges that we face and on and on. Very entertaining, informative and enlightening. God bless you brother… “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”...

Great information with a history lesson or two!

People of all ages, races and political leanings could learn a thing or two from Ken. From the great history spots to the current affairs of today, Ken keeps this podcast interesting, cool, and always insightful. Keep up the great job, Ken!

Awesome Podcast

I love the Variety Show theme of your podcast. Yes, guns are the mainline, but interviews, ministry, history, and even MOST of your singing, all make this a special podcast to listen to. You are great !!!! Keep it coming.

Black Man With A Gun

A fun and entertaining podcast including a wealth of history.

Big Buck Registry Loves Black Man with a Gun!

Man this podcast is awesome! Lots of podcasts out there. Half of them have bad audio. Many have pod faded. Very few have killer content, great audio quality, and are going strong. This show has all of that! I'd give it 6 stars if I could. Keep on doing what you do! -Jay

Humble and Realistic

Kenn Blanchard supports the 2nd amendment with his gentle approach to gun rights. He does not attack the gun control supporters with "guns blazin'"but he takes the time to look up and confirm what it is that he shares with his audience over his program. Blanchard re-introduces himself briefly to his growing audience in every episode, and each time he does, you know you're listening to the right person for your interests. He will often travel to speak at events and interview other big name speakers in the gun rights community. Lastly, if you are ever presented with the opportunity to meet the Rev. Kenn Blanchard in person, take the chance, he is just as humble in person as he sounds in his program.

CarrieZ's Hunting, Fishing & Outdoor Podcast

This is my favorite firearms podcast. Kenn does such a wonderful job being positive and informative and putting together such a professional show. Keep up the great work my brother from another mother - the 5 stars is well deserved!!


Kenn has hit a homerun with the new structure of his podcast. Gun rights, gun gear, gun community. It's perfect.

Yes, Yes, and Yes!

This is the podcast for all Americans. Brannum.

Regular listener

I very much enjoy Kenn's guests, commentary, and instruction. I often hear him interview guests before the more well-known radio and podcast shows interview them.


I am just finishing my first podcast and am very happy. I love the informative aspects of the podcast. This lacks comedy, like most others, but it is a nice change. I look forward to listening to past and future episodes. Great job!!!!

Listen every episode.

Rev. Kenn Blanchard is a wonderful speaker. His views on the 2nd ammendment are spot on.

Black Man With A Gun

Hey, I'm a first time listener to Kenn. Wonderful show. A breath of fresh air. Episode A Time To Kill.... My first. I WILL be downloading ALL EPISODES in the next few weeks. I will listen to them all!! I am a Christian Gun Owner, a 2nd Amendment defender, a Benefactor Member of the NRA, a disabled Vietnam Veteran, AND a NRA Recruiter. Kenn, keep up the good work and continue spreading the TRUTH. GOD BLESS. Regards! Safaripete

Fav Podcast--Educational, Enlightening and Encouraging

I love the podcast. Kenn brings to life a number of topics from history to music along with family, marriage, and life. All of this is done without an over the top bend on guns. It is a show for gun enthusiasts which can be enjoyed by those with a casual or curious interest in guns (that is how I started--curious). Kenn is a down to earth host with whom I could identify. The only portion of his show that I sometimes--okay often--raise a brow to is his cigar of the week [actually kidding because the best or worst smoke is a matter of personal preference]. The podcast is well produced. I started listening in Jan '13. I've enjoyed the podcast so much that I have listened to all of the podcasts. I look forward to the weekly appearance of the podcast. I enjoy the introduction to new shooter topics and information balanced with the average kind of guy slant. The most flattering thing I can say is the Urban Shooter Podcast is refreshing and not your typical gun enthusiast's podcast. Thanks Rev. Keep on making it do what it do!


Fantastic podcast. You'll learn from Kenn and he'll make you laugh.

Coolest gun rights podcaster

Informative, fun, encouraging. Pull up a podcast and check it out. Great for a ride home from a hard day or night at work.

One of the great pro gun vocies.

There are a lot of good podcasts on guns, but none is better the Kenn Blanchard. Everyone who believes in the 2nd should be listening.

Heart & Soul

Kenn is my brother-from-another-mother. This is the epitome of why I love some podcasts. He talks to me, in soothing tones, about an extremely important topic in relation to inidividual liberty.

Fantastic Show

I love this podcast, Ken's style is informative, insightful and often humorous.. Keep up the good work and continue to reach out to those who really no nothing about firearms and the people who enjoy them. Your brother from another mother, Kevin