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Fun, Interesting and Uplifting!

Been listening to The Urban Shooter podcast for a few months now and I like it. The variety is pretty good. A little bit of comedy, politics, music and prayer mixed with a lot of talking about firearms and shooting.

A truly unique experience

You will be hard pressed to find a guns-related podcast that weaves together music, news, interviews, reviews & how-tos and does it with as much style as this one. I've listened to Kenn's show for a few years now and have yet to be disappointed. It has always been time well spent.

Good podcast

I have found this to be a well produced podcast. What more could one ask for: God, America, guns and cigars. I have to say this is a written prodcast that delivers unvarnished truth, even if it may be something that "makes your jaw tight." You may also bump in something completely unexpected such as some home grown Louis Armstrong to close out a show. Keep up the good work, Mr. Blanchard.

Before Mr. Colion Noir there was Black Man With A Gun

Kenn Blanchard is one of my favorite commentators. He is easy-going and genuine. His podcasts are wide-ranging covering every aspect of guns and shooting, whether for fun, sport, or for protection. The bonus is the perspective he brings as a Black man, and as a Christian. He won't put either in your face, but those perspectives form the context of the show. Kenn makes no apologies, and offers no pretense. Good information, interesting guests and some fun make Kenn good company for whatever you do while listening to a podcast.

Urban Shooter a good source for current gun information

I have listened to Kenn for quite some time, and find his podcasts to be informative and diverse. It's not all about guns, which can get monotonous at times. His format allows different topics, and shows the various aspects of gun ownership and how it affects other aspects of a person's life. Keep up the good work Kenn, and keep the faith. Q

BMWAG Broadcasts

I look forward to hearing Kens humor and wit each week along with a world of information on gun and ammo. I appreciate hearing from experts from all over as well as politics. I am a black Conservative and Christian so I can relate. In a short note I love the show!

Nicely done on a regular basis!!

You don't have to be a shooter, conservative or gun rights supporter to appreciate, find value or inspiration in Ken's pod casts. He approaches all his podcasts from a position of informing, and adding value to your day. I found him during all the anti gun fervor last year, and he was a welcome voice of reason and calm. I've been checking in on his podcasts ever since. Thanks Rev. Ken, keep it up!!

Fun, encouraging, entertaining, informative

So much more than a gun rights show -- and there is plenty of that. I tune in all the time. Love hearing his stories. Great guests. Good info. Outstanding advice and perspective.

Pro-Gun Variety Show

Nothing else like it out there. Kenn Blanchard brings in great music, great interviews, and a lot of heart

Great podcast

I don't miss a single show. My brother tells it like it s is as he makes his journey, and we get to ride in the back seat. Good trip.

Great Show!

Kenn is a great host and the show is always interesting and inspiring. Keep up the good work, Rev.

My brother

I was alone and then I found Ken.

Urban Shooter tells it like it is

It is always a pleasure to join Kenn for an hour of information, opinion and discussion. Thank you Sir for the information and insight.

La guns

Great show nice to get a different take on gun ownership.

Great program

Wonderful information and perspective. Keep a sense of humor especially about yourself.

Fun and entertaining

Love the info. Love the music. You know the host is having fun.


Ken, your no nonsense talk is a great listen and the songs manage to brighten up even the gloomiest of days. Keep the pod going strong!

What do I think....

Enlightening! Very informative with points that you can not ignore. This podcast has changes several of my views.

I enjoy your podcast

It is a great podcast and I look forward to it every week. It give me good information on laws and on history. Thank you for what you do. Keep up the good work.

Love the show.

I am a regular listener. Your podcast is honest and down to earth and that's why I enjoy it. Keep up the good work and thanks.

Love it

First heard of Kenn's website during a commercial break on Cam & Co. One night. Really loved his website and I love hearing what he has to say about history, firearms, and society. Good luck to you Kenn and keep the good shows coming.

Urban Shooter

By Far the best podcast. Ken is obviously a genuine patriot, man of God, and just a great guy! All of us can learn a lot from this podcast, about guns and the right way to do things

Don't Miss this COOL Podcast

I might not seem to be a candidate for this Podcast but I LOVE it!! Kenn will Enlighten you with his Wisdom, Philosophy, History and Some GREAT MUSIC. Did I mention he has some Pretty Good Pipes Himself!! If you miss it, you only have yourself to blame!!!

Ken's the MAN

just love this podcast. you'll hear a little of everything from Ken. Faith, Politics, & Guns. This man deserves a radio show.


I just recently began listening to The Urban Shooter and have enjoyed it very much. I especially liked the episode on Older Shooters. I also like the gentle tone of the podcast. Keep up the great work. CC

Yeah Man!

Just discovered this show and I think it is superb! Like the mix of topics and the truths he tells us of. Keep up the great work, please. Roger

That man can sing, and gun stuff too!!

Have listened to Kenn from the begining (zombi strike). Honest gun info and great guest. He really needs to move to a more gun friendly state. The most entertaining pro gun podcaster out there I listen to. Kenn keep up the outstanding work you have been doing. Did I mention he can really sing!!

Awesome show

The Urban Shooter pod cast isn't your average podcast. I love that there is a little bit of everything in this podcast. It truely is a varitey show. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Something for everyone

For a fun show with a lot of variety and enlightenment, I recommend this gun centered podcast. Kenn is a great entertainer, pastor and a friend everyone would like to have. His musical talents and writing abilities bring a suprise to each show. He is a true patriot and everbody's friend... and a friend everybody wants to have. For news, reviews, SCARS and cigars, Kenn is the best!

A fun listen

A nice blend of information, humor, and perspectives from cigars to how relationships can be affected by firearms ownership. A word of caution: Rev, Blanchard doesn't sing quite as well as he may believe he does. (Sorry Rev!) I'm glad that I subscribed.