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A real brother-from-a-another-mother for ALL!

Where to start? A wise man who doesn't force it on you, passionate in his beliefs without being fanatical, that is the Kenn Blanchard I have listened to for 2 years. He is consistent, honest, fair and eclectic in the topics he speaks about, the guests that are interviewed and had Zombies in the show WAY before the hipsters got interested in them! More than a 'Gun Rights' show, even with the (to me) eye-opening info on the racist roots of gun control book Kenn wrote, it is about life and what one good man sees as the direction to take to finish the race strong. Where else will you get to hear the Blues, Guns and Cigars all in the same show?? Tell your friends!

Well-Thought Out Perspective

I have always enjoyed Mr. Blanchard's articles, finding them to be informative, and unique. I appreciate the similarities that I have read and most recently, as a new listener to the podcasts as well. I have also face living and working In a liberal city with a very hostile view of the shooting sports & gun rights in general (Seattle, WA). It is refreshing to hear some very logical, well-read, and lived-through thoughts on living in an urban area as a 2nd amendment advocate and gun enthusiast. Thank you Mr. Blanchard for your time and wisdom.


A unique delivery, extremely entertaining and best of all it's pro 2nd amendment.

D. Wilson

If you only listen to one podcast this is the one. It's well balanced, family friendly, informative and just a plain enjoyable experience. And, who doesn't need a little joy in this hectic world. Listen to Kenn Blanchard one time and you will be hooked by his wit, wisdom, charm and knowledge.

Prespectives on Gun ownership from a rearly heard perspective

Nearly every Gun talk podcast on the internet takes the perspective of Right-Wing zealots, so called patriots with a distasteful snarkyness towards non-republicans that I hate hearing and being associated with. This show thankfully avoids that kind of silly ness. As the only African American pro gun podcast I have heard, I find this show refreshing, entertaining, alighting, and informative. I love this podcast. This pod cast talks about things other than guns. Interesting… This show talks about cigars (Ho Yeah), I really like that. Fantastic podcast!

Thanks Kenn!

This is a unique podcast. It truely is a variety show of guns, gear, cigars, interviews, music and positivity. Thanks for all you do Kenn.

What a Great Mix

Discovered this podcast on a long drive yesterday. I didn't expect a black man, Christian pastor, patriot, and entertainer when I loaded episode 282. Shocked to say the least--in a good way! My wife, who's not a gun enthusiast, enjoyed Kenn's full-bodied podcast. Every once in a while someone breaks the usual mold to stretch the boundaries and Kenn is now on that short list. Give him a listen even if you don't like guns and cigars (I'm not a cigar fan). You'll be glad you did. Nice job Kenn. Godspeed!

Great podcast!

This podcast is a wealth of information on guns and life ! Each episode is well planned and arranged. I really enjoy the life related topics. Thanks for all the work you put into it Kenn !!

Kenn Blanchard's Urban Shooter Podcast

Don't miss it! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get mad, and you'll learn something! Kenn is a great American - A Christian man with a great message, and a heart for God and all that is good. Check out this podcast. It'll only add to your life. -Sarah Greene Cape Cod, MA

Good Show

Good show for Second Amendment related information.

Great Podcast

Kenn does a great job with his podcast. It is a huge highlight of my day when I can listen to the Urban Shooter podcast. He makes it seem so personal. Keep up the great work "My Brother From A Different Mother". Also check out his other podcast, such an inspiration.

Superb podcast!

Love this show, I look forward to each new episode! Thanks Kenn

News you can use

When I first started listening to the Urban Shooter Podcast, I had never shot a gun and my husband was really getting into them. Not for hunting, but for personal protection. I have to admit, it is this podcast that peaked my interest to the point that I went to the gun range and got hooked on shooting for recreation (which I pray is the only reason I ever have to use my gun). But enough about me...Kenn introduces himself as your "brother from another mother" and as you listen to him you begin to feel like you are having a conversation of sorts with this personable podcaster. I have learned so much by listening to this podcast about gun rights, how the origins of gun laws stem from our racist past as a country, and how guns are not just for men but for everyone. The weekly guests that Kenn features provide a broad view of the shooting community from the sports/hunter to the person who is just trying to make sure they can defend their loved ones if it comes down to it. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is this: If you are interested in shooting, guns, or gun rights---this is the podcast for you. I have listened (via my husband) to several of these types of podcasts, but this is my favorite by far. Tune will not regret it! :)

Awesome, and not what you would expect.

I have listende to Kenn for years now. He brings it every show. His sound is amazing. What I like most is that he is "there" for his listeners. By "there" I mean he is a person who listens as well as talks. If you contact him he will get back to you. If you have a suggestion he will listen. If you have a problem he will try to help. All this and the show is pro-gun, pro-freedom, and fun!

Better than a Glock

You have an awesome podcast. Keep up the good work and we will keep praying for ya.

I enjoy the history

I love the episodes that cover aspects of gun control history. Very interesting. also want to hear more religion and guns/self deffence. Keep the faith, my brother from another mother!

Awesome podcast!!!!

Your show hits a lot of relevant topics. keep up the good Work.

Quality variety show

Thanks for putting out a great show every week bro!

Absolute entertainment.

I love these podcasts. I even went back as far as I could as well. Kenn Blanchard is a great man that I can say I have learned from. It doesn't get much better than that.

Thank you!!!!!!

This is a perfect drug for an addicted, listening fan!!!

Good podcast.

One of my favorite podcasts. Funny,informative, easy to listen too. Ken is the man!!

Witty and unexpected.

All in all very well done, a breath of fresh air


I can't wait for my weekly fix. Keep up the good work.

Exceptional and well-balanced

USP not only talks responsible gun ownership, but also gives spiritual insight and direction. The Zombie Strike saga is awesome. I listen to many gun podcast, but this is my favorite bar none.

Great podcast!

Kenn puts together a quality show. Highly recommended! It is so much more than just a shooting podcast. Thanks Kenn!

The Best

This is the best Shooting Podcast out there. He covers all sorts of topics and has great guests. #1

A great time

When listening to Kenn talk, I feel like I'm listening to a friend. The podcast is as much about life as it's about guns. Listen to a few shows, and you will gain a brother in arms. One of my favorite times of the week.

You ROCK!!

I just discovered this podcast and caught up on some back episodes, I was hooked after the first episode I listened to. Pro Jesus + pro gun = 5 stars. I'm a light skinned man but I feel right at home with Kenn and I love the zombie hunter episodes. Keep it up bro.

like it

well done man

Well worth the time to listen

If you are looking for an informative, thought-provoking podcast you will like the Urban Shooter. This guy gets it. His production value is excellent and makes it very easy to listen to him. Spread the word, well worth the time. Ken... keep fighting the good fight.