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Historically speaking

I have been listening to his archive of podcasts trying to catch up with the current live podcasts. I like his honesty and frank comments about gun use. Good work. Thanks for your efforts.

Relaxing informative and entertaining

kens way of sharing iformation puts you at ease and lets you enjoy the information and opinions vs getting you riled up. This lets you actualy think about issues and concerns he may be presenting with out getting emotional and get your head wraped around them very nicly. Zombie Strick is a kick too. Keep it up ken we love it.

Great Show

Pastor Kenn, what can be said, you cross all bounderies, have patience for all people and are color blind. This country and this world need many more just like you. We must stop the violence of the juveniles, where are the parents? Where is God in their lives? Your Podcast should be mandatory listening in middle school and high school. You share the love my friend, I am blessed to have found you.

Unique Gun Oriented Podcast

Kenn, my brother from another Mother, I love the podcast! Keep spreading the WORD, and thank you for all you do for the 2nd amendment! Your show is always entertaining, and quite different from the others, and that is a refreshing change. GOD BLESS!

A Catholic listening to a Pastor that says Shalom Baby!

Pastor Kenn (What I like to call him even if I haven't met him) talks not only about our Right of Gun Ownership and Self Defense but also of being better humans. The podcast is not a catalog of the latest and the "bestest" in guns or tactics or a neverending preaching but a wise friend that sits with you and help us, laughs with us, celebrates with us and even when needed, gives us the necessary reminder that we can do better be it guns, love or Constitution.

You the man

Tell it like it is brother. Tell it like it is.

Great Show.

Love this show. Very informative. Very entertaining. Keep up the outstanding work Kenn.

Pastor Ken Blanchard is a pleasure to listen to.

You can't get any better than a Black preacher who is a conservative and a pro second amendment rights activist. He is a very funny, imformative and engaging speeker. God Bless you Pastor Ken!

k b

goodstuff, and thats from me "the suburban shooter, the white man with a gun". the brother from the same mother, mother freedom, that is. give this show a listen. this dude has an open mind. a true and rare thing to find someone with a mike that has an open mind

From a different angle

Ken sure has opend my eyes. Enjoy his "one smooth brother" voice, that has enformed me of firearm history pretaining to blacks. So much enlightment. Thank you for your work. We've come a long way, together we can go all the way. Straght talker and shooter. Thank you.

One Awesome Pro Second Amendment Podcast!

Ken does a great job talking about everything concerning the second amendment. He is an excellent speaker and knows what he is talking about. I love the podcasts when he talks about faith and the second amendment. I love listening to this podcast and wish it was published daily! Keep up the great work Ken and I will keep looking forward to every podcast!

I am loving it

I have become addicted to this podcast. I feel like I am part of the family when I listen to Kenn, the new Rabbi is one of my favorite parts of the show. The conversations between Kenn and the Rabbi are very comforting and informative. And what can I say about Zombie strike beside awesome. Kenn keep on singing my brother I really enjoy listening to it. I can't wait for the next episode.

Great Podcast

Ken has a superb way of getting his point across to people from all backgrounds. I'm not a "gun nut", but I do carry and want to keep my freedom to do so. Ken brings a flair of humor and relaxation to a volitile subject that divides many people. I voraciously consumed every past episode and can't wait for new ones to be released.

One of the best!

I like most of the shows on the Gun Rights Radio network. This one really shines. Ken Blanchard's show is about a lot more than just guns. It's funny, entertaining, and sure to be a force for good. He's the Pastor with the answers, and there if you need him. With the Rabbi and a great message he is a unifier, and a great talent. Keep singing and storytelling Ken, from one of your Urban Shooters.

One of the best

The Urban Shooter is not just for the gun person. Kenn gives personal insight on many topics that we all face. Regardless of race, religion, or political persuasion this podcast is for everyone. Keep the Faith Kenn

Don't pass over this podcast.

Kenn's podcast is on my top three list for firearms podcasts, and the only podcast that I have donated to. Listening to his podcast I feal like i'm with a friend who both entertains and teaches me knowledge of guns and life lessons. What did Bill Cosby always say at the beginning of Fat Albert? Stick around and you're sure to have fun and may even learn something while you're at it. Sorry Bill about butchering your line.


love the show ken but the rabbi is to much high brow downer

Changed my mind - on a lot of things

The show caught me off guard with discussions of gun rights, concel carry, christian faith, and zombies! What a blast. Helped me even with my racial prejudices (I'm white). Kenn is doing more to break down the walls that divide than he will ever get credit for, and he is doing it with style and humility.

More than just shooting & guns

The Urban Shooter is informative, fun, and sometimes goofy, making it perfect for people like me who think life is way too important to take so seriously! Kenn Blanchard has a great command of firearms info, plus popular culture and great taste in music. For one guy working in his basement, er, studio, the production quality is really high! The end result is a very enjoyable listen.

Great podcast & host

Kenn: Just started listening to your podcast after hearing your interview on AAR with Mark Walters. I really enjoy your format, perspective, humor, council, ministry...heck all of it. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work. Hope to see you at the 2nd A march next year in DC.

Just what the doctor ordered

Instructional and entertaining! Very real (pardon the cliche). Thanks for a great podcast.

Just Subscribed

Wow, wonderful podcast packed with information we need and some delightful humor and music as well. Keep it coming Kenn! And by-the-way, a New Testament Church is one of my dreams. I will keep that in my prayers!!

Keep up the great work!

Fun and informative... I look forward to Kenn's podcast every week.

The friend I've never meet

Ken's openness invites you in and makes you welcome. I look forwerd to the showes each week keepem comeing ken doing good things.

Urban Shooter review

Great Podcast! Educational, inspiring and fun to listen to.

What Color is My Gun?

HA HA HA....priceless Kenn. A different twist on a firearms podcast. Sometimes it's light-hearted and funny. Other times it's sober and heavy. Either way it is always entertaining to listen to and full of good information and perspectives. Keep fighting the good fight. Props from Lansing, MI to my "brother from a different mother".

A Gun Variety Show!

Kenn continues to improve his Podcast, with gun reviews and "Zombie Strike" An Entertaining Podcast!

Blanchard- inspirational message, one which every American should hear.

Blanchard- inspirational message, one which every American should hear. Listen and think. Do a search for the video "Kenn Blanchard- Freedom".

Not just for black folks in the city

I don't know that Comedy is the most precise Category, but it guess it will do. Kenn has a wide appeal. I am new to his podcasts, but find a little bit of everything from solid information about firearms and responsibility to inspiration to funny stories. Give it a listen. If you don't like it, you get double your money back.

Great show!

Funny, helpful, smart. Fantastic show! Thanks for the time and effort you put into them.