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I listen to and fully enjoy most of the gun podcasts but this is definately my favorite. Episode 121 is excellent and when it is no longer available on iTunes I reccommend you listen to it from Ken's website. If you enjoy the show become a member to keep it going. Subscribe now. Also check out the Armed Citizen and Handgun podcasts. Keep up the great work Ken and thank you.

Excellent for the serious shooter!!

The only podcast that has integrated music and does a good job. The pledge of allegence is a pledge I repeated everyday growing up in Mo. Give it time- Don't judge by its cover, I did and came back for a second listen after Proarms recommended this podcast. I place this in 2nd place behind Proarms. Good Job!! Scott LaRue

A Shining Star

What impresses me most about the host is how responsive he is to e-mail. Not only does he support gun rights, but he also supports the community. The show has a wonderful format with new segments always in development. My only wish is that some segments weren't submitted over the phone due to poor sound quality. Overall, this show is a shining star on the Gun Rights Radio Network.

Great Show

I really look forward to this podcast every week. Ken has a very good perspective on gun rights and knowledge and also gives you some new ideas to chew on and share with others. A nice blend of seriousness, learning, and enjoyment.

urban shooters podcast

WOW the best gun rights podcast on itunes!!!!!!!!!!

Insights and entertainment abound

The Urban Shooter (Kenn Blanchard) is inspiring and entertaining. Highly recommended!

Always informative and always entertaining.

The Urban Shooter podcast is always educational and always entertaining. Kenn Blanchard's podcast is one that I look forward to each week. If you are interested in gun rights, this podcast will not disappoint.

James 3:13

Kenn, Thanks to your smooth talking podcast and the Gun Dudes my wife feels it's time to be trained to hold and fire a gun. I digg how you add the word of God into your show. Keep up the good work brother. Signed, One more white guy with a gun that loves your cast.

Very Noble Man!

Kenn is a man I would be very proud to call Friend. Would like to one day be able to sit down with Kenn and talk guns, share some stories and maybe even pop a few caps. Jim C

Excellent podcast

If you are a gun owner or even just want to learn a little more about guns and your 2nd amendment right, this is the podcast to subscribe to. Kenn does a wonderful job of educating his listeners about all aspects of the gun owners rights and responsibilities along with different organizations and activities that are available for the gun owner. Thanks for a great podcast Kenn. I can't wait to hear the next one.

Urban Shooter

The Urban Shooter podcast is a "must have" on your podcast if you truly care about pro-2nd amendment issues or just want to learn more about firearms and and training.

Kenn Rocks!!!

The Black Man with a Gun is just what our nation needs: a man with real concern for others, patriotism, and a sense of humor. Thanks Kenn for bringing us great info every week with a style only you can deliver. Keep it up, and we'll keep listening!

Sense in a senseless world

I have nothing but praise for Kenn and his down to earth view and mostly eloquent voice on our Second Amendment rights. This pod-cast is very well put together and always a pleasure to listen to. The Urban Shooter is never the same thing twice, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes nostalgic, and ALWAYS intelligent and informative. Despite its name it does not only appeal to city dwellers. I highly recommend that everyone give it a listen. If only all shooters could speak as well about our rights…

Urban Shooter Found Recently!!

Recently found and enjoy when ever a new pcast is posted.******!!

black man with a gun

Scary thought for many people BUT not with Kenn. I've been listening to Kenn for quite a while and he's right on with the issues. I was interviewed on one of his podcasts several episodes ago and thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. Keep up the good work friend! Scott M. Conn DownRange Global Solutions, Inc.

great show

Great show, I love listening to this podcast

Not your average podcast...

This podcast is informative, thought provoking and fun. The experience and know-how that Kenn and his guests bring to the show are outstanding. What makes this podcast my favorite is Kenn himself. The Urban Shooter can be a very personal look at a man and his journey in life; his struggles, triumphs, joys and hardships. To mix that in with gun news, concealed carry training, politics and personal safety is quite a feat!

Guns, Zombies and life

This man keeps me on the right path of life, you can not get any better then that. Gets you thinking on whats going on and just does not give you the answers but makes you think of how to make the right choise in life and not to deep either. Fun to lisen to. Keep it going and keep the fath. Greg G Navy80to04

Black Man, Righteous Man, Family Man, and Our Brother Man....

Blanch loves Freedom, his Country and his Fellow Americans. Subscribe & Listen In! You'll Get It, just watch out for the Zombies!

Great show from a great teacher

Ken does a fantastic job on both entertaining and informing me about my 2nd amendment rights. I love his style and I can't imagine the internet without his show.

Informative Podcast

I've been listening to this podcast for a few months. Informative, interesting, entertaining. Kenn's work is worth your time.


Kenn, Your show is AWESOME.

A red blooded American

You're one of the best. A true American, and also a very moral man. I appreciate the show, I appreciate the words of wisdom. I like knowing that there is someone else out there who holds certain truths dear. God, familiy, country, Corps... In a nut shell, freedom, and the things that are all tied in to freedom. As one of your brothers, not only in Christ but who also has earned the title, Siemper Fi, and keep up the good work.

Great informative podcast

I really enjoy Kenn's Pdcast. It is a nice mix of information and entertainment.

from Florida.

One of the best gun related pod cast around. Kenn is an awesome guy. The pod cast is filled with great information, good stories and you got to love Shoot, don't shoot. keep up the good word brother Kenn, we need you.

Great Uplifting Show

This is a show that talks about many issues, but the focus is on firearms. The Urban Shooter is positive and fun to listen to, and does great pieces that keep the listener informed on firearm legislation.

Makes my Day

Thank you Kenn for putting together your podcasts. It makes my day at work much better. Semper Fi my brother.

great podcast!

Thanks for keepin' it real. Love your show and am grateful for your work at keeping us informed. Keep it up and thank God for our 2nd amendment rights.

Check it out

I have been subscribed to this podcast for over a year now & I still look forward to every single episode. Don't take my word for it - subscribe & check it out for yourself - you won't regret it!

This is an excellent Podcast!!!!!

I am addicted to The Urban Shooter podcast. Kenn is so real. He gives you history, facts, informed opinions and life experience. Besides how can you go wrong with a podcast about guns?