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Kenn hits it out of the park!!!

I have been listening to the Urban Shooter since almost the beginning and I find it to be highly entertaining and very informative. This is a first rate show that I personally feel reaches out to everybody. The balance between entertainment and education is exceptional. Good job, Sir. I applaud you!

Keep the wheels turning Ken!

Ken an excellent job on the Podcast. Everybody should listen, learn and then you decide on what you should do in life! Keep those gears turning. Proud to say you are, "My Brother from a different Mother." Keep the Faith and let ordnance fly!!!!!

Good stuff

I really enjoy listening to this podcast.

Truth Can Be Told

If you want to hear it as it is, have some fun and learn a little; join Kenn for the ride. As a new listener who after a few podcasts, checked out his website, sent for his book, read it and then went back and downloaded all previous podcasts. You can see the growth in Kenn's podcasts and sound effects library as you listen to all the podcasts. The one thing that never changes is this brother's commitment to tell the truth....he lays it out there whether you like it or not. He brings in additional guests and their information to help me stay current. Great job from your brother from a different mother in Maine. Not many other places I've found where you can say the pledge of allegiance with John Wayne; remain current with weekly news, good and bad; and 2d amendment support throughout. Thanks for all the hard work and good info!


Excellent show. Well spoken and produced. An great source for second amendment information.

Great job

I'm new to the Urban Shooter, but I've got to say, "great job," Ken. I'm not a city guy, in fact I hate cities, but even someone from rural PA like me can appreciate what your doing. Plus, I really dig the funk and blues tunes you've been playing. Now you're one comment closer to your goal. Keep up the good work!

Sheepdog in training

Episode 92 / like always your podcast is fantastic, but episode 92 is one of the best pro-gun programs I ever have listen to. So keep it up and power to the people .

Great 2nd Ammendment Podcast

I like the east coast big city perspective Ken brings to his Podcast. It's a great opportunity to see a different but still positive take on our 2nd ammendment rights and other shooting related issues.

Great podcast!

Ken, Thanks for a great podcast. Keep up the good work.

informational and entertaining

very nice podcast wont put you to sleep like some others will. alway entertaining and informative

Gotta Love It!

This is not just a podcast about guns, it is a podcast about life that also says a lot about guns. It is interesting, funny, and informative. If you are not "urban" you will not loose anything if you listen. In fact you will gain a lot. I highly recommend this to anyone who has even thought about owning a gun.

The Urban Source For Gun Rights & Information!

The Urban Shooter podcast is an oasis of information for anyone who hungers for knowledge and wisdom as it relates to our 2nd amendment right. Kenn Blanchard’s discussions on topics from the 2nd amendment, guns, self defense, and common sense, is right on target and every Chicago resident needs to hear what Kenn has to say, especially in light of our growing crime and murder rates which is up 12% in 2008. Now Chicago has the strictest gun ban in the nation, since the Supreme Court overturned Washington DC’s gun ban, however, gun deaths and violence continues to increase. We need a new perspective to our crime issue and Kenn is providing a most valuable service to our community to that end. I look forward to the day when Chicago’s gun ban is finally overturned and until then, Chicago needs Urban Shooter and Kenn Blanchard on the side of law abiding citizens. Keep up the great work and keep those podcasts coming Kenn! Salutations from the Windy City!

Great, and very sane

It's refreshing to hear gun ownership discussed in such a sane way. Not all do. The media makes guns look cool, most of the people writing that stuff have never held a gun in their hand, they just use guns as a cheap writing device: On screen, a gun produces instant drama and conflict without the writers having to write anything. It's sad. Guns are tools, but they're not "cool" in the hands of hot heads. Rev. Kenn is very cool headed, and makes ya think, and even considers all sides of any story. Rare and refreshing, for sure. And he has a great voice. Most importantly, I really have encountered few people in my life, (probably less than 100 people in my 44 years) who transmit the infinite power of the Universe from one man to another, like the first-century disciples did before religion and power mucked it all up. This guy is the real deal, and transmits God whether he's talking about God or guns or the US Constitution or even just the weather. I don't believe in saints, All of mankind are absolutely fallible. But I believe in the power of God working through people, one man to another, even just in the voice over the Internet. And this cat's got it. --Michael W. Dean


What can I say about this man? He's cool, smooth and tells it like it is. Another great example of the diversity the gun rights movement can offer. Kenn has got a lot of great segments that are engaging and informative for experienced gun owners and new comers alike.

Refreshing Perspective

Kenn perspective as a gun owner/carrier/shooter living in the big city is refreshing and informative. Keep up the good work brother!

Awesome show

Kenn covers all aspects of gun culture and gun rights. Keep em coming!

A good podcast

A good podcast that deals with issues related to owning and carrying a firearm in urban areas.

Love it!

I love the Urban Shooter Podcast! Informative and entertaining,

One of the best shooting podcasts out there!

Ken puts a lot of effort into this podcast - it's something I look forward to everytime I fly (as this is when I usually have time to catch up on all my podcasts)! He covers topics relevant to the urban environment as well as all shooters in general. Trust me, you will love this podcast - it's addicting!!! I only wish he did more than one and week and for more than one hour!! :)

2nd amendments #1 advocate!

One of the best 2nd Amendment podcasts out there whether you live in the city or not you will enjoy this one!

Great Podcast!!

As a White man with a gun who Loves Jesus. I think think this Black man with a gun who Loves Jesus Is Tops. Keep up the great podcast. I'm always waiting to hear the next one. I'm never disapointed.

From the man himself...

Whether you're a 2nd amendment advocate, a budding enthusiast or just someone who appreciates our constitutional rights, this is the podcast for you. Mr. Blanchard brings you the real-life side of gun ownership with knowledge, enthusiasm and humor. This is no stodgy policy talk show; this is the Black Man With a Gun bringing you the real deal on the issues that matter to you, today.

Listen and learn

The way Kenn brings the subjects, and commentary to you is like no other. He is really talking to you and not at you.

Great Gun and Personal Security podcast with a real person

Kenn is a former Marine (Semper Fi, Kenn) and a security professional who speaks to gun issues in a real person to person way. It's like sitting on the porch and hearing a friend talk about all things gun, security, personal responsibility and such, with an occasional veer into other interesting things as well. Highly recommended!

Favorite Firearms Podcast

The Urban Shooter comes at firearms and 2nd Amendment politics from a new and refreshing direction. Anyone who can make you laugh and then stop and think is doing his job well and Kenn deserves all the compliments he gets here. Do not hesitate to download the Urban Shooter.

Urban Shooter Podcast is #1

The host of this podcast is a friend and also a very talented podcaster. If you're looking for something different than the same old technology podcasts and looking for something that means much more than give The Urban Shooter Podcast a try. Once you start listening. You'll only want more and more. And that's exactly what Kenn will give you.

Great show

This is a great podcast. Very informative. Well done Ken!