July 4, 2020

Shooting For Peace

Shooting For Peace

635 - The Return of the Black Man With A Gun Show

 The host of Black Man With a Gun Show, Rev. Kenn Blanchard restarts his leading podcast by popular demand.  This introduction to what he has planned as well as candid, and honest talk about what’s going on. He shares some of the changes he is making, Covid-19, politics in Washington DC, the NRA, history, BLM, racial injustice, gun rights, rise of Black Gunowners, and more. 

You don’t have to agree.  We can fix this.  


On John Wayne, 

On Racism:

Racism is as much about impact as it is about intention. We shouldn’t forget about those who are on the receiving end of discrimination.

How the sausage is being made called Freedom.

On the movement

On the rise of Black Gun Ownership 


The time has come for us to stop revering and instead reckon with the complex interweaving of heroism and evil in history. This has become a world wide movement.  We are all being affected.  We are grieving the loss of the past - the good old days or the possibility that the loss of life could be one of us.  


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