Jan. 19, 2022

Will You Save Mark Bressner? | Episode 4

Will You Save Mark Bressner?  | Episode 4

The Story of Trooper Mark Bressner

This week I want to share a story of a cop now in jail for tasing a guy in Detroit.  It’s tough to be a police (Anything) these days.  No respect, no love, no chance to excel at your job in the current culture.  Damned by most.  I am hoping you’re different.  I am hoping you understand how the system works and will listen to the story of a guy named Mark Bressner.  

He isn’t alone.  Sometimes it’s worse than jail.

A Baltimore Police officer who was shot while sitting in her patrol car Christmas Eve has died , according to the Baltimore Police Department.

An off-duty New York City Police Department officer was shot in the head while sleeping in his car on New Year's Day.

This episode has foul language from a movie in it.  NOT SAFE FOR KIDS or WORK. (Movie clip) 


In alliance with the National Center for Police Defense (NCPD) I’m asking for your financial assistance in support of Trooper Mark Bressner this week. 

The NCPD’s sole mission is to raise funds for the legal defense of the brave men and women who have fallen into the crosshairs of anti-police prosecutors (and judges) seeking to further their careers by going after law enforcement.


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