July 19, 2020

Does God Want Me To Be Happy?

Does God Want Me To Be Happy?

Happiness, Joy and Salvation episode 141

Does God Even Want Me To Be Happy?

Is all about suffering?  No.

  1. Jeremiah 29:11
  2. Psalm 37:4
  3. Romans 8:31
  4. Romans 8:35-39


God loves you.  He wants you happy eternally.  He loves you infinitely.  He loves you deeply.  He wants to bless you.  His love is deeper than we can imagine.

Our question is real to us.  IT is based on the now.  It is like a child that wants all the candy, all the time.  It is like someone that thinks that all obstacles, inconveniences,  risk and discomfort is bad.  Its self centered and not God centered. 


Will you choose God?  Invitation to salvation.

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