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True Bible Believing, Guidance in Christ’s Church

Rev Kenn ceaselessly teaches of the Lord Christ and directly from the Holy Bible, but so well framed in what we as Christians face today (not that we face anything different than the Church of centuries ago, but definitely, we see new ways evil will try to tempt us away). Kenn is always uplifting, and often with a bit of humor. In Speak Life Church, Rev Kenn brings us the Word - wherever we are, and whenever we hear, we are joined together in the Lord. This ministry in podcast form is a blessing! Thank you, Rev Kenn.

Simple and Clear

Pastor Kenn is a spiritually gifted preacher. He has an extraordinary way of making the word of God easy to understand. I look forward to future podcast that will help me grow closer to God while strengthening my faith walk.

Kenn’s ministry

First off I want to thank Kenn for his ministry. Personally I have felt distant from my physical church but The Speak Life Podcast has kept me grounded. This show is a wonderful once a week quick lesson, sermon, and bible reading that is well done.

Gospel centered preaching

Kenn has the power of the spirit behind him, I listen to him every week. His insight in the Word helps me to understand The Lord Jesus better and how to better love him and the Father! Keep up the good work Kenn!

It’s About Time

I have been a friend of Kenn’s for a long time and benefitted from his ministry as a result. Now, others may, too. It’s real and uncomplicated and Kenn models the struggles and joys of Christianity in today’s world.

About time!!

Finally a podcast where I can listen to and actually meditate on the word of God!! I found it through the God and Guns Podcast, Ken was a guest there, It’s easy to listen to and to me feels like story telling and that’s what I love about it👍👊, Keep up the good work Ken and thank you and your family for your service both country and God P.s. “and just in case no one has told you I love you and there’s not a thing you can do about it” peace! Sincerely Felix Santos Las Vegas NV

Kenn bring real life insight to learning the Word

I strayed away from my Catholic upbringing and I was so happy to find Kenn’s podcast. I love the modern topics. I learn about the Bible again. Kenn is such a well rounded person who lifts my spirit when he speaks. I know Jesus loves me. I need to learn how to love him back, Kenn gives me knowledge so I can live the Word daily. So grateful !

Emphasis on spirituality

Based on scripture, not emotions or a political agenda. I throughly enjoy Kenn’s perspective on God, The Bible, and life.