June 30, 2019

Suicide is Preventable

Suicide is Preventable

Applying the Love - episode 91

Went a little different on this episode because I want you to consider being and applying the love of Christ to your neighbor, stranger or family member that maybe considering suicide.  Here are some thoughts and tips for speaking to someone going through.  And if you are going through, There is a message here for you. Not a bunch of theology but real talk.

Pastor Kenn 


To date 

Speak Life Church works with veterans (both active and separated), bikers, outdoorsmen, law enforcement, security personnel and other folks that do not fall into any of those professions. Currently, Rev. Blanchard  provides pastoral service nationally to individuals, couples and families unaffiliated with local churches. Using the anonymity of the internet and social media we feed the Spirit, find the hurting, teach and reach people online.

Music played by permission. ASCAP licensed for Speak Life Church, Inc. Ministry "Word of God Speak" MercyMe, Kirk Whalum "Dear God"

Suicide is preventable. Get free help now.


Text CONNECT to 741741



Here are some of our successes:

  • • Helped prevent five suicides
  • • Saved several marriages
  • • Organized charitable fundraisers for good causes
  • • Saved the home of a terminally ill veteran
  • • Provided fishing trips and ministry to a senior citizen, dying of cancer
  • • Officiated at 8 weddings